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    Hey all, this is a request for a fairly complex plugin that would allow for multiple dungeon instances via BungeeCord. Essentially this plugin would need to hook into the plugin called Campaign, to allow for scripted dungeons.

    In a main RPG world, players would arrive a Dungeon Entrance 1. They would click on a sign, or some other block of sorta, to enter the lobby for the Dungeon. From here they would be able to invite players to join their party before starting the dungeon.

    Upon starting the dungeon, they will be teleported to a new instance of that dungeon. While they are playing, other players can come and play through the same dungeon, just by creating new instances of that dungeon.

    It would be helpful if it was possible to configure how many instances to be allowed on a per dungeon basis. Then, if the max instances are reached, players would be able to join a Queuing system for the Dungeon.

    I realize that this is a VERY complex plugin, but it is for a very complex MMORPG server that we are currently setting up.

    If you would like to discuss this plugin further, or have any interest, feel free to comment here or add me on skype at thetophatbandit.

    Thanks all for taking the time to consider our request!

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