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    I want a simple, possibly exact recreation of an already made plugin. It is a Spigot plugin that can't run on Bukkit, sadly, but I really need to use it. I have looked at other plugins and most either didn't work or didn't match my needs.

    Everything I want is a player to /duel (player) and /duel accept, /duel spectate and /duel toggle (to make it so others can't duel you). When you /duel (player), it gives you a list of kits you can use (which is fully made by the owner) and when you choose the kit, it gives you a list of maps for that specific kit (also built by the server owners/builders and customized)

    Upon a duel, a player's current inventory is saved and then cleared to give him the dueling kit. Both players spawn at specific places in the arena that was set and start to battle. When one dies, both player's inventories are cleared, the items on the map are also removed and the map is again usable. The players that dueled are teleported to the spawn location and are given their inventories back, as well as experience if they had it.
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    Why can't said plugin run on spigot? Have you tried it? If so, why doesn't it work?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Alexondrou That doesn't sound like something that can't run on Bukkit though.
    What errors did you get?
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    It is a Spigot plugin for duels. I tried it myself and got an error of when I open the GUI for dueling (upon /duel someone), the GUI falls apart and I can modify it to my ability. Instead of selecting a kit upon choosing one, I just start to hold the sword.

    I went into the plugin's reviews and someone had the exact problem. The plugin maker replied saying the server has to run on Spigot.
    @timtower @AlvinB

    is the plugin I tried and want (being said)
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    And why isn't it possible to switch your carftbukkit.jar with a spigot.jar?
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    idk how to really and i dont want problems with some specific plugins
    i could if i knew how to and knew no problems would be caused
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    I tried the Duels and it didn't work. Maybe BC i'm running 1.8

    Do those plugins you listed allow you to make custom arenas, messages and kits? and pretty much everything i listed? I want every feature i listed

    P.S: i'll try to switch my server to spigot and see if it works.
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    Yes try spigot, the 1v1 plugins do allow kit creation except for the fact simple1v1 needs a full inv.
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    Changed to Spigot, plugin works now.

    Also, I dont wanna do a lotta testing so just asking here, which plugin allows u to make kits ingame and using them with /kit if you have permission? Like you put items into your inventory and do like /kits savekit starter and your inventory is saved?

    I can't use essentials kits because i'm using special enchant stuff and essentials can't do that so i need what saves your inventory.
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    Essentials can do enchanted items last time I checked?
    maybe a kit gui? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/kitgui.12695/
    I know Simple1v1 lets you save ur inventory but you need it full of items for it to work, and can be glitchy at times..

    I thought duels lets you make kits ingame?
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    Yes yes yes, essentials allows enchants and duels makes kits ingame but duel kits are only usable in 1v1s - I want to give members/donors their personal kits like /kit member and /kit vip or whatever to use in public battle, but essentials won't fit in because I want to put custom enchants on items in kits.
    I'll check out kitgui once I get the time.

    @Kyleyocats I tried the KitGUI plugin and it kinda didn't do what I needed.
    I need a plugin where you make kits in a similar way to duels, but the kits are just usable in public pvp through the usage of /kit (kit).
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