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    Plugin name (Just an idea): Ambidextrous

    What would it do?: You could dual-wield tools, weapons, items, etc. You could set which items can be dual-wielded in the config. Torches would give off light when held. (configurable) Dual-wielding items could maybe slow you down or alter your tool/weapon swing speed etc.

    #Is plugin enabled?
    plugin-enabled: true/false
    #Do torches give off light when held?
    torch-light: true/false
    #Does dual-wielding slow you down?
    dual-wield-slow: true/false
    #If so, what percentage of the regular speed can you move while dual-wielding?
    dual-wield-slow-percent: 1%-99%
    #Does dual-wielding with tools and/or weapons alter the swing speed of those?
    dual-wield-swing-alter: true/false
    #If so, what percentage of the regular swing speed are you reduced to?
    dual-wield-swing-alter-percent: 1%-99%
    #Is the plugin active on all worlds?
    all-worlds-active: true/false
    #If it isn't active on all worlds, on which is it?
        - world
        - world_nether
    Permission nodes:
    ambidextrous.reload Permission node for /ad reload
    ambidextrous.bypass Permission node to bypass slow/swing altering
    ambidextrous.use Permission node to dual-wield.

    /ad reload Reloads the plugin

    When I'd like for?: Before the end of the summer?

    I'd LOVE if someone would give a shot at this, I've been waiting for such a plugin for SO long but there's never been one compatible with bukkit :(
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Smcmax We can't do this with bukkit, an player only has 1 usable arm
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    cant you use an invisible entity with a sword and move it into the left hand?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    toxictroop If you know how to change the left / righthanded thing then be my guest, saw an request like this before, got closed because the only way to do this was installing an mod
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    I agree with her I see no reason that you shouldn't be able to use an invisible entity and then have the right click be right arm and left click be left arm. I also think that you should even be able to design it so that a different player would be able to see both weapons in the hands if you were to use spout. I have a general idea of how to do this but my programming is still currently at a level that I cannot do anything this in depth. Or if that is not possible you should be able to make it so that it is visible to see the weapons and then in a config file one could set it up so that wielding to weapons would just increase the damage multiplier. This seems perfectly possible to me with a number of different solutions.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    purplebiotch It is indeed possible with spout as it allows to send server side mods to the client( but this isn't an spout forum ). And the invisible entity is an option, but still: How do you choice what is in your left / right hand, how do you make it swing, can you use tools or not?
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    Well obviously that would be a bit of a problem if you were to go the bukkit pure route. But I still think it should be possible and i think that it can be done in the same way that any magic plugin works. take Zephyrus for example. There is an addon for it that allows you to use a spellbook and with this spellbook you can right click to cast a spell and still Left click to hit people with the wand (if specified in config). I think that this can be accomplished in the same way that Minnymin3 set up the punch spell. If you Right click the mob/player that is being looked at will be damaged. However what would set this plugin apart from the punch Spell is that the item used determines the damage inflicted and there would be a distance cap so that you can attack anything in your line of vision only what is 1-2 (or whatever the standard is for combat) blocks away from you. You could use tools for combat but I don't think that you should be able to be attacking with one hand while cutting down a tree with the other. The only reasons why I suggest tools is because I know there are certain plugins that use things like battleaxes. So maybe there is an option in the config to add in BattleAxes? This seems that it can be done.

    And yes I am well aware that this is not a Spout Forum but mind you that there are hundreds if not thousands of plugins on devBukkit that have Optional Spout dependencies or that just flat out require spout.

    My Plugin Request: [mcMMO] Race System
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    Also I see no reason that you couldn't hook this into spout. It would still be a Bukkit based plugin but with certain addon features that made really badass!

    My Plugin Request: [mcMMO] Race System
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    I'm not sure how the collision boxes work but I believe you can spawn an npc with an invisibility potion (assuming they still show weapons, not sure if that was a glitch or feature in MC?) and a weapon. This would appear to have two weapons/tools. However, I don't believe the rest can be done with bukkit. Perhaps with an external plugin. <edit> and of course he would need to spawn on top of the player but offset so his weapon is in the right direction.

    Still, this follows the "if you think it would be an extremely common request, and has not been done before, its probably not going to happen"
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    While this may be possible I think that it would conflict with your movement. Wouldn't it? Also you would still have this issue of showing both weapons because the npc would hold it in the right hand as the player does so that doesn't really solve it. But I don't see what prevents this plugin from being done. I think that no one has done it before simply because it was difficult to approach but this seems extremely possible to me. I would do it my self but I am not very good at coding and this is definitely beyond my skill level.
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    The only way to do this with a plugin and no client mods would be the worst plugin ever. You'd be tracking EVERY player's movements and teleporting practically EVERY TICK. This would simply lag out any server with more than 5 people. There really is no way to do this safely from the server. Tracking all movements and doing a simple call with that player's name can impact server performance, teleporting entities every time a player moves would be absolutely devastating to the server.
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    Agreed, I don't see this mod happening unless minecraft itself updates and introduces something that allows us to take a new approach to this. It is somewhat possible, but not really.
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    A mod could happen, you mean plugin.
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    I see no reason that would have to happen you could simply make it so that the first to slots in the inventory bar are always "in hand" rather than tracking. Or you could make it so you could stack 2 items and dual world 2 of the same. Of course this limits your selection but there are many approaches to this you just have to think out side the box.
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    dual wielding with visible effects = no, not possible. Dude just because it is possible to create anything by programming doesnt mean you can make it like a plugin. Plugins are more like mixing with stuff thats already inside the game.
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    You can't just pop a new arm onto a player from the server, doesn't work that way.
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    I wasn't talking about adding in another arm! That was a response to something said earlier. I am we'll aware that the only way to do something like add in another usable arm would be through Spout or another client side mod. We aren't all idiots here.

    What I am saying is possible is making the concept of dual wielding work.

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