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    (Im not using the format for this one because its mostly already made)

    see this thread - https://bukkit.org/threads/droppartyplus.436345/

    Basically I would like it so when the drop party starts you have to type "/dp join" and if you want to leave type "/dp leave"

    When it starts a message will appear above your hotbar saying "type /dp join to join the drop party". It will stop showing this message after the drop party is done.

    when the drop party is over and you try to type "/dp join" it will say "there is no drop party right now". and the same thing with "/dp leave".


    "droppartyplus.join" "droppartyplus.leave" and also the rest of the permissions on the thread
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    Theres a plugin where it auto-does the DP and the item goes straight into players invs, its not as fun but a lot easier and much less laggy. I dont know what its called or where to find it but I know it exists so you might have to do some looking.
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    I've been having problems with 20*60 = 0 for some reason, and I can't necessarily diagnose it. I'll try to finish this ASAP, but I'll have to consult the Plugin development section.
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    This has been on here for quite while, if this hasn't been filled already I'd be willing to code it up :D
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    I'm getting to work on it now :V

    okay, this ought to work -

    Permissions are simple-
    droppartyplus.use - to see the notification
    droppartyplus.join - to use /DP Join
    droppartyplus.leave - to use /DP leave
    droppartyplus.start - to use /DP start
    droppartyplus.stop - to use /DP stop

    if you reload in the middle of a drop party, it will reset the variables and players won't be able to use /dp leave to return to their previous location.

    I wasn't able to test this at the time I finished coding it, theoretically it ought to work fine; if you run into errors I'll have it fixed right away :D

    I just realized I did this wrong, so the plugin I coded doesn't drop the items on it's own, I can set that up it'll take me a minute or two tho :D

    if you need me to change anything let me know
    - Walrent
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    Awesome! But there is no config file to set the items showing up and nothing is appearing above the hotbar saying to join
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    I think I made a small mistake with one of the permissions, I'll fix that and re-upload it.

    Okay, finished it and tested things to a pretty decent extent.

    to setup a dropparty use [/dp add] to set copy your inventory to the next dropparties drops (droppartyplus.add)

    now that the items are set, use [/dp start] to set the dropparty to be at your current location, if you start a dropparty without any drops in the config without using [/DP add] first it will automatically end.

    at this point a message should appear along the action bar saying a dropparty is going.

    use [/DP join] to join the currently running drop party and the drops previously set with [/DP add] will begin dropping one at a time.

    use [/DP leave] once the dropparty has run out of items to drop to return to your original position before using [/DP join]

    use [/DP stop] to close any actively running drop parties; a drop-party that runs out of items closes on it's own.

    Keep in mind that it drops items in a quantity of one at a time; if you put in a stack, it will continue to drop one from that stack until the stack is gone.
    - drops four items per second

    Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/73dft7sq54cq09m/Dropparty.jar?dl=0
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