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    Hi, I was wondering if someone could make a plugin to where when a player is banned, their inventory is taken and placed somewhere. For example. If I ban a player I want his inventory to go to say coordinates 1 1 1 and then you can take the items. Could the location perhaps be configurable with a command like /setloc

    Contact me if anyone is interested in making this.
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    So when you ban him. You basically want his inventory content to go to a set of coords? Then ban him? Am I enterepting that right. I can do that if I get the time. Do you just want it to drop to the ground or go into a chest at that location?
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    Just use /kill /ban -,-
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    Yeah, it would be easier if you just teleport him to the coordinates, /kill him and then ban him.
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    tcvs just drop to the ground

    and to everyone else. I'm sorry, but doing /tp <name> <coordinates> /kill <name> and then /ban <name> <reason> will take forever.
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