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    Plugin category: Chat Related, Informational

    Suggested name: DragonHealthNotifications

    What I want: A plugin that can globally notify a dragon's health after taking damage (and the health it had to begin with) and from who dealt the damage. If the dragon regains health from an ender crystal, then just let it show on next hit that dragon gained some health. It would be great if the plugin could log the dragon health, yet also allow for other dragons to be spawned in the future.

    [DHN]: Ender Dragon has 134/200 health. [TheLazeboy +7]
    [DHN]: Ender Dragon has 131/200 health. [Notch +3]
    [DNH]: Ender Dragon has 5/200 health. [jeb_ +7]
    [DNH]: Ender Dragon has been killed! [TheLazeboy +5]

    Ideas for commands: /dhn ignore (To allow players not to have chat filled with notifications from dragon health.)

    Ideas for permissions: dhn.ignore

    When I'd like it by: Tomorrow. :p
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    TheLazeboy Nice idea (i might start it on my own)(but if someone else wants to make it please do :p (im beginner at java )

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