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    Phantom Index

    Plugin category: FUN​

    Suggestive name: DoYouSpeakMob?​

    A bit about me: I'm a server owner who just lurks around the bukkit forums. (like everyone else)​

    What I want: I'd like to see talking mobs. Similar to the rtriggers version but with less need of 2 plugins. When they are attacked they speak, when they die they say something related to dying and sometimes say random things while walking around.​
    Should be configurable through either a txt or yml file.​
    In any case if possible the mobs can speak in different languages using some of the glyphs from enchantment tables OR language packs. If not possible make some random stuff up with the words (jakaakooo w/e)
    In the config file you can for example

    - 'Ah! You got me thar!'
    - 'You son of a-!'

    You can translate what they say by right-clicking them with a book or paper and so on

    there can be option to enable conversion of the message to randomness. If it's too much just the simple configurable messages is fine too.

    Ideas for commands: /translate
    <right click mob after typing command>
    I'm not really willing to pay. Just thought if someone would be interested in taking up this idea just on a whim.

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    I'd use it, that'd be an awesome way to make the game more interesting =D
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    Phantom Index

    Yep Yep
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    I think this is a good idea,

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    Not hard to do :)
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    Phantom Index

    Why not give it a try?
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    if all else fails send me a PM and ill c wat i can do :D
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    Havent been on comp today, no promises but, yeah, ill have a look
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    Phantom Index

    :/ Alright
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    Would it be alright if you didnt have to translate it?
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    Phantom Index

    I said so in the post it's optional, you can add it or not add that feature.
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    I would really like a plugin like this, sounds cool.
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    I might look into this soon, if anyone is interested in working on this: Hit me up!
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    Hmm me and the OP guy r working on this and tis going well but go ahead if u wish :D
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    I have finished this mod together with Phantom, release will be available soon.
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    cool :D
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    Phantom Index

    Next project is Talking Items!
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    Will a diamond pickaxe say to you: "Mine some stones, pickup some stones - CREEPER!" :p

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    pmsl that would be hilarious

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