Downloading the 1.8 development builds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MangoStarr, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. extended_clip Or you can move over to the Toyota lot and use the newer model? This is not the place for Spigot, nor should it be. If there's really no use in Bukkit anymore then leave Bukkit. Don't bring Spigot to Bukkit. I'm really not sure why that's hard for people to understand :S
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    Who are you to tell me where to go?
    Last I checked, the internet lets me go where I please.
    Stop being so hurt and protective.

    And I clearly understand that this is not Spigot. You act like talking about it is the end of the world.
  3. extended_clip I wouldn't be so arrogant as to say you can't come here, you're just as entitled to be here as I am :) I just meant that discussions about Spigot are clearly more suited to the Spigot forums than the Bukkit forums. I'm not saying it's the end of the world talking about it here, but there's not really a justification for why it should be discussed here instead of at Spigot where it belongs.
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    That isn't CraftBukkit, not the runnable server. That's the 1.8 version for Bukkit, the API for developers. You can't run it, but you can download it if you want to make plugins for servers.
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    Well you get CraftBukkit along with Bukkit and Spigot when you compile... *shrug*
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    He's just saying that this is Bukkit's forums and spigot shouldn't really be discussed here. But hey, it made a lovely conversation on this thread..
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    I would rather have than than Nisan, get back on topic :p
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    I don't understand why you're so against this.

    Bukkit has certainly brought itself over to Spigot, with all the trolls and whatever. At least Spigot is trying to bring an update to Bukkit.

    It's like you're actively refusing some lifesaving medicine because it's not from your favourite medical company or it's a better version of medicine from your favourite company or something
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    I'm not saying the new system is definitely illegal, but from what I understand, the GPL prohibits the use of previously DMCAed code unless the license is explicitly reinstated by the complainee.
  10. You think trolls are a good representation of any community? Spigot has had its share of trolls come over to Bukkit. Don't judge a community by its worse members :)

    That's not at all what I'm saying! I'm not saying don't use Spigot. It's like objecting to the life saving medicine using my favourite medical company's name without permission. That's certainly a different point, and a very valid one. I think it's time people move on from Bukkit and find something new, I'm fine with Spigot being this something new, although I don't think it's a very strong case based on what I've seen and what others are saying.

    What I'm not fine with, however, is people saying that Bukkit has been updated. It hasn't. A fork of Bukkit has been updated. The difference might seem nit-picky to some, but it really is completely different.
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    Really, you are being fairly rude. Why not be over on the spigot forums saying and doing positive things. You could be testing plugins and contributing bug reports instead of irritating people who are part of the same overall minecraft game community.

    Spigot can be a positive thing for craftbukkit if it results in a valid 1.8 craftbukkit version that is dmca free.

    The internet is routing/healing around a damaged area as it has always done (so far).

    And heck, by 2027 Mojang will release their official API and this will all be moot. :rolleyes:
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    I am being rude?

    Since when is offering a metaphor being rude?

    FYI, I am on the Spigot forums more often now - just under a different handle because I can't be bothered to update my handle over here.

    You could also be testing plugins and contributing bug reports. I am just arguing the flip side from what Adam is saying.

    And btw, the way some people here act (not you, Adam), you would get the impression that Spigot was not anything you wanted to mess with. I admit that at least now, staff openly talk about Spigot without locking threads without warning. That's a huge improvement.
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    Time for change, i say. What's all the fussing and fighting about. At least with this Spigot fork release, it will revive Bukkit, This place was slowly dying in the last couple of months, Now with this release let see how business picks up again with new developers and people running servers once again. I don't understand all the negativity here?
  14. Did you know Spigot have their own forums? I don't see why this forum is a better place for Spigot-related things than Spigot's very own forums. Why should their release make things pick up here? Let's all just move on to different things, shall we? :)
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    You'll see....
    Well aware they have their own forum. Since a fork of bucket is provided, it will bring people here for plugins and whatnots. You should really stop with the negativity, your not doing any good to Bukkit except chasing people away.
  16. Blkscorpion2 But my point is why should people come here for plugins and whatnots for Spigot's software? People should only come here if they're looking for Bukkit/CraftBukkit support & plugins. If nobody is looking for that anymore, then it's only right that these forums should die out.
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    Locked to avoid a discussion that isn't needed on here.
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