Does anyone still use Multiverse?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Sh8kezula, Dec 3, 2013.

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    I am starting a fresh server for 1.7, and was wondering if anyone still uses Multiverse. I see that the devs have not updated their dev bukkit page, nor have they pushed a "Awesome Build" in a very long time. They have recent uploads of dev builds, but I usually try to avoid plugins from devs that get lazy with their updates and uploads.

    So do ppl still use this plugin? Or are they using something else.

    What other options are there for multi world setups?
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    I'm fairly sure a lot of servers still use Multiverse, it still works on 1.7 servers and is one of the vest multi-world setups.
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    Quite a few servers do. It is most certainly not a dead project.
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    Good to know.. It so far has been my favorite multi world plugin, and I was not looking forward to having to use anything else.
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    Just because something hasn't updated in a while doesn't mean its dead. It could mean the project is "mature" and doesn't need updating since it hasn't broken with any updates and they aren't adding anymore features, like in the case of multiverse.
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    I just started using Multiverse + Portals + NetherPortals. Will probably be adding Inventories, too. Which version should I use? I'm using 2.4, not the beta version.
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    I'm using the beta version... no problems that i've seen. I use MV + Portals + Inventories... I don't use NetherPortals.

    A good trick with Portals... if someone can potentially jump outside of a pvp arena or mob arena, you can use an invisible portal to teleport them back inside.
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    I'm still using it
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    Still works great for me, its nice to have a mod so critical that works after many updates without needing an update.
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    One of the devs told me that he had stopped working on Multiverse. He said it was "very complicated" he also said that he doesn't have enough time.
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    use multiworld
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    I am using it. It works fine on 1.7, i don't see why the developers should update it if it works fine. That would most likely be the reason they are not pushing any updates. Why update something that doesn't need updating :)
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    for more features
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    Well maybe they're done with that?
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    so other plugins become better than it
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    I think it would simpler to optimize plugins with a codebase that doesn't change
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    Multiverse hasn't been updated/won't be updated because it's not relied on NMS/Other code that breaks each update. The only thing that would break it would be if World Generation was rewritten in Bukkit, which it isn't.

    I do however suggest that you use Multiple servers, not a single server with multiple maps on; this is up to you though.
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