Do You Run Your Server At Home?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ohtwo, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Just wondering how you guys run your server. Do you run it from home? What kind of internet connection? Is it a residential or business connection?
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    From home?
    Are you kidding?
    While my computer way better than 95% of the dedicated servers(i7 990x,16Ram,gtx 590 FTW :cool:) , my internet connection starts lagging at 4 players...-.-
    1mb/s download speed,80kb/s upload speed! :((
    Soooo,getting a server from a company( as long as it's not G7Hosting) is the best way! (unless you plan on spending on a monster like mine...just be carefull to have enough money for a decent connection :mad:)
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    Well, I host a server for me and my sister, but when I host for the public I use dedicated servers. I usally make all the plugins ready on my private and then just copy them onto the dedi server.
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    Lunar Delta

    I have a pretty monstrous computer, so I run my server from home. Comcast internet 25 down 6 up here as well. Using Craftproxy and Spout brings bandwidth use down to very acceptable levels. I can have 30+ players on with no lag. With the power, control and access I have here, there is pretty much no reason at all I would ever go with some shady hosting company.
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    I used to host at home with comcast till I started hitting the bandwith limit, they set it at 250GB a month and thats simply not enough to run a server of any size.

    So I bought a Barebones 2U server and put some hardware in it and sent it off to a collocation that runs me about 50 bucks a month for unlimited bandwith and a nice upload.

    More detail about my server specs and junk:
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    MMh I run the server at a 400kb/s connection: 3 Players, 37 Plugins, Itemcraft,etc. somethimes it lags, mybe its just luck ^^
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    I wish i had 250Gb a month. - at home ofcourse.
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    I run @ home :D 50MB/s FTW!
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    i will be running from home after i move which will be a FIOS area (25U/25D) and will be running it on modest equipment unless my users donate a lot. I am currently administrating my friends server which is on a FIOS connection, the hardware is low end though (C2D 1.8GHz 4GB ram laptop) which is where the user base is going to come from (as he doesn't want to run it anymore)

    the modest computer:
    Athlon II X2 240
    4GB DDR3-1333 (will spend the $50 to get 8GB more)
    785G chipset using the IGP (don't need a good gpu to run a server)
    4x640GB Raid-0 for server
    2TB for backups
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    Yep, hostin' off a core i5 box with 8gb ddr3 on a 35/35 FIOS connection. Had 45 people on with no lag.
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    andrewkm dedi :)
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    I have a home setup. I had Comcast originally but the connection would time timeout randomly and the router would freak out. Now I got U-Verse, router doesn't flip but I could use more upload speed. Down speed is 25 mb/s. My comp is more than capable to handle the server:
    Phenom II X4 3.30 GHz
    12.0 GB RAM PC3 1066 (10 GB allocated for server)
    Windows 64 bit
    Runs flawlessly, minimal if any lag.
    Can't remember the up speed but its anywhere between 5 and 10 mb/s not bad but FIOS is better. When I move I'm definitely getting it.
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    Switched to Redstonehost =D

    You pay 200$ a MONTH? :O

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    Double that and add a 2-4 of beer ;)
    I do have other things running on the machine though.
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    :O :O :O
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    I pay less then you pay for a Nintendo Wii per month and I got 8 cores and 16GB Ram :)

    Problem? :D
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    Nope money is no issue in my life ;)
    Problem? :D
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    I spend money on friends, parties and my girlfriend ;)
    Problem? :D
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    yup, small iMac based, avg 6mbps, but once, it glitched and gave me 2 gbps. My server has 3.5 gigs of ram just for itself. On my server, I once set off a +10,000 TNT explosion, no lag, lots of demolition.
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    Waitwait, where are you hosting then?
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    I could buy your friends, parties and your girlfriend ;)
    Problem? :D
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    New York :D

    I did 100.000 TNT there, it went fine but the aftermaths didnt go so well :p

    Can't buy me love ;)
    Problem? :D
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    I actually ment which hoster, but Im guessing ur hosting yourself then.
    No power loss due to random hurricanes?
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    Nope :)

    Oh, I am very worried over the hurricane here xd I live in Holland :)
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    Haha me too =D
    Regent het ook bij jou? Hier wel =D
    Ok back on topic: So what's the hoster's website?
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    Cool. Nee, hier niet haha.. bij mijn vriendin geloof ik wel :p

    I'll PM it to you, they don't sell Dedi's anymore but I can PM you if they got another deal :)
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    i do host at home,

    PC Specs:
    2.4 ghz Quad Core
    4GB of RAM
    ATI 5850 HD
    2x 5400rpm 250GB Harddrive

    12MB/s Down
    1.5MB/s Up

    No lag until like 15+ players, overall it runs very smoothly

    This pc is about 5 years old, custom built for about $1,000 in 2007, gonna be buying new parts and building it few more years, probs gonna get 6 core or 8 core with around 12-16 gb of RAM, SSD harddrive (since like 2 years, 6-core will cost like $200, AMD has one for around $300-400)

    great computer, runs games at max settings even when not overclocked, but i'd probably reach 3.0+ ghz if i were to oc, i have a enormous fan, bigger then my fist (2 Fans, Copper plated)
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    same host as me. they are great.

    p.s. your youtube tutorials are great.
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    They are aren't they !

    and thanks :D
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