Do I *have* to compile, or can I use .java files?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by weepingboil, Jul 3, 2011.

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    I'm using a couple of plugins which are mostly brilliant - but I want to change a couple of lines of code to change functionality a bit - strictly for my own server and not to reditribute.
    I don't want to install all the bits and pieces required to recompile these plugins (I think I would have to install Ice, Mavern, the Bukkit API etc)
    So ... Is it possible to put just .java files into the .jar and get it to work? I tried renaming the .java files to .class but I got an "Incompatible magic value" error in the server console.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (I mostly work in c# - I'm completely new to java - and I don't want to clutter my machine up with other languages/environments if you see what I mean? Please don't yell at me if I'm being stoopid!)
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    You need to decompile the plugin JAR and then recompile.
  3. .java-files = text format that humen can understand
    .class-files = binary format that the computer (the JRE) can understand

    Yes, you need to compile stuff to get it to work.

    You don't necessarily have to install a complete IDE like Eclipse, but the JDK and the bukkit-api to compile against are required.
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    As Kaikz said, the only way is to get the open source project and install the addons to compile or if it is close sourced you can decompile/reverse engineer it using some tool.
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    @Bone008 - Ok - I understand. Thanks!
    I've got the JDK (reluctantly!) and I'll download the bukkit-api. Are you able to tell me the command line for javac I would need to put it all together?
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    eclipse is portable
  7. @weepingboil Not sure, I never used javac to build against a jar.
    It could possibly be that:
    javac -cp <path-to-your-bukkit-api>/bukkit.jar <space-seperated-list-of-your-source-files>
    I've no idea if bukkit.jar would be the classpath. Try google, it should help you.
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    And you'd need to use the jar command to get a jar from the .class files.
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    easiest would be to download Eclipse, no install needed, just extract, and it's only around 60MB i think?
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