Solved Distinguish server starting from server restarting

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by findus1994, Apr 22, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    i was searching for a while now but can't find any useful information. The plugin i am writing needs the possibility to find out if the server, which runs the plugin, is either starting / stopping or just restarting. Currently i can say, that there are no events for that and also the possibility of overwriting the Methods onEnable / onDisable / onLoad will not yield the result. Maybe somebody has an idea for that?
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    Restarting isn't a thing in Bukkit. When a server is restarted this is done with a script outside Bukkit. You can't determine if a server is restarting with the Bukkit framework. In fact, servers don't have a concept of restart. When it is restarted by a script it is always stopped and started again. There is no possible way for the server to determine if it was restarted.
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    Allright. So i have to find an other solution ^^.
    Thanks for your reply ;)
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    @findus1994 I believe that restarting is done with a command, correct?
    Listen for PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent and ServerCommandEvent.
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