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    Category: Fun/Player Tools

    Suggested Name: DisposalDispenser

    What I Want: Basically, it would give the player with the right permission node, the ability to designate a dispenser or chest, as a trash can, without the use of signs. Players can then place unwanted items into the dispenser, or chest, and the items are disposed, when the GUI is exited. This would eliminate the need for lava, or useful on servers which don't allow lava buckets.

    Commands: /dd create (then player right clicks desired chest or dispenser) - Creates a trash can
    /dd remove (then right clicks designated trash can) - Removes trash can and becomes a regular chest/dispenser

    Permissions: disposaldispenser.create - /dd create
    disposaldispenser.remove - /dd remove

    Thanks to all the devs who take the time to read this!
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    You can already do this with Essentials: you set a [Disposal]-Sign and everyone with the using-permission can use it as disposal. :D
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    Exactly, but as I mentioned above, it would be great if someone could make one without the need of a sign. Thanks for the info :)
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    I can do that for ya'
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    You said chests ;) "without the use of chests."
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    Done. Dumping on Bukkit Dev now, but I'll get you a direct link. :)
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    dmillerw Thanks so much! It's great to have such a cool community!

    Doggyroc Oops, I goofed. Thanks for letting me know.

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