Display two custom inventories (top & bottom) ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by LambdaUser, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Hello !
    Is it possible to display two custom inventories (created with Bukkit.createInventory()), and how ?
    One at the top like a chest inventory, and one at the bottom instead of the player's inventory.

    Thanks !
    (Sorry for my bad language, I just learn English. ;))
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    Actually, I'm almost certain that it isn't possible to display two inventories. Could you give us an example of what you are trying to achieve (server and/or video)?
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    I misspoke, it was a question and not a statement. Excuse me, I corrected.
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    You could just save the player's inventory then set the contents to the second inventory's items.
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    Conarnar, I tought about it, but I can't customize the number of slots or the title of player's inventory...
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    You can create a copy of the player's inventory, clear it, load the items from the 'custom inventory' into it, then undo all of that when it's closed

    Good chance of losing items if you don't do it right, test as much as you can before adding it to anything you don't wish to mess up.
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    That is why I can not use player's inventory, and why I want to use a custom inventory instead.
    But if it is not possible to not display the player's inventory and display a custom inventory instead, never mind,
    I asked just in case.
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    It is not.
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