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    I was wondering if anyone could make a plugin so that so that if i type a command for example
    /DB [block id] (username) [ ] = required ( ) = optional
    So after i use that command the block selected in the .yml file ( Glass most likely) would become that block id.


    You can make this plugin similar to WorldEdit Plugin in that you use a wand and select a region or only right/left click block placed down to change it to the block you type in the command.

    Also would be helpful to have a node / command that would allow you to see the original block that was placed

    Also that placed block if it where to be glass you would be unable to see the borders and be unable to break it. :) I would code this myself if i only knew how =/
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    I would create a teleporter
    Is this similar to Hide N' Seek?
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    DisguiseCraft supports blocks, last I checked...
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    This lets you disguise as a block and has configurable permissions.
    Hide N' Seek might be for you if you want the people to not be able to move, but this lets players move which could be a new twist on the game.
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    no i dont mean me disguising myself as a block but more like, changing the appearance of a block like bedrock for example and making it look like there is nothing there. basically air with no border.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Not exactly because the block you place is the block that you see but if you have the node you can walk through that "fakeblock". What i am tring to find is a plugin where i can make any block physically look like a different item. so if i where to want to use staticlava as the block to make a bridge without anyone knowing, if you can understand what i am trying to say.
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    but anyone can walk through lava?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Will burn then though
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    you wont be walking through the lava because the glass block properties will still be existant but it will look like lava. Or as a different example you can make the block disguise as an end portal block so you can walk on it and not get sent to the end ... aswell as having that epic floor :)

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