Disabling "moved too quickly"?

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    Hi all,

    I've been bummed out on this for a while now, I've looked up at solutions, fixes, all sorts of stuff and none of which seems to work.

    Basically, I'm setting the velocity of a player to get pretty fast, (around 20), and it's throwing a tonne of warnings in the console. I've found that around 12 for velocity, it starts to think the player is speedhacking and sends out errors like this:


    It then freezes the player in the spot, stopping them from "speeding", even though that's what I'm aiming for by setting their velocity high.

    Is there any *currently working* ways of getting around this?

    Thanks a lot.

    (and no, i'm not using any sort of anti-cheat, this is entirely bukkit-related)
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    Raw Discovery

    Is this from an anticheat or is this just the regular bukkit console warning you. because if its a certain anticheat, I could troubleshoot it for you to see if there is a way to change it
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    It's just from Bukkit's built in "anti-cheat", I'm not using any sort of anti-cheat plugin.
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    Raw Discovery

    Ok. Well, I will look up on how to fix this :) Ill try and help with this as much as I can.
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    Alright, thanks for trying, but I've looked through most of the solutions/code fixes available :/
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    Raw Discovery

    Well do you want good news? Good thing I have some :D Click Here

    Read through that. They talk about it and it might help you some. But if that doesn't help at all, try this out Click Here
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    Well, the source only prevents the kicking of the player, I need something that allows the player to actually travel at that high velocity.
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    Raw Discovery

    Ok. Did you check out the second one? Because on the page it says that it allows people to keep moving without going back to the ground.

    Disable Moving Too Quickly

    Brief description

    • This plugin will prevent the 'moved too quickly' message from being shown in console
    • This plugin will prevent that players are put back to their old position when they move too quickly
    Why would you want this?

    You will want this if you are annoyed by this default built-in feature that prevents you from flying with the speed you want. You can also use this if you want to create a plugin for your own server that sets the velocity of a player server-side (this was my reason).
    If you want to ban cheaters

    Well, this plugin only blocks the built-in anti-speed-hack. Cheaters will still be blocked because this plugin does not block the built-in anti-fly-hack. To disable the anti-fly-hack you should put allow-flight=true in the server.properties.
    So it won't give cheaters or hackers much chance. Still, if you want to make really sure no-one can cheat, I recommend using NoCheatPlus, a plugin that prevents almost every form of cheating and hacking in existence.
    Is this really a big deal?

    YES. Cause CraftBukkit does not allow you to change the setting yourself. I found over 20 threads asking for this, so I reckoned it was time it was made. With the help of Ferrybig I found out how to change the setting internally.

    That is the page, Tell me if that still doesn't fix your problem. And Don't Forget, You still need to download this plugin on this page HERE

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    Yeah, that was one of the first things I tried, and it didn't work.

    That plugin uses this, which I doesn't seem to be working anymore for some reason:
    1. ((CraftPlayer)e.getPlayer()).getHandle().playerConnection.checkMovement = false;
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    Raw Discovery

    Ok. I will look more into it. and did you look at the first plugin on the forum page? (first link) it says that it will not stop msgs in console but it will stop the moving back to earth.
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    There's nothing in that link that would stop the movement from being frozen except for the kick event, and I'm not even being kicked when the warnings occur :/
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    Anonomoose Raw Discovery
    Disabling the 'moved too quickly' check puts your server at serious risk (which I will not go into detail about for obvious reasons), is NOT recommended and is not something we will help you with. If you still wish to do this, I advise you to not let anyone know as it's unlikely your server will be usable once the knowledge gets out.

    The security checks in Minecraft and/or Bukkit are there for a reason. Disabling them is very rarely a good idea.
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    So, making a work around for bukkit's speed hack detection can put my server at risk? I can't really see the correlation between that. (besides the hackers that some hackers may not get caught)
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    The check is there for an extremely good reason. Trust us when we say this is a horrific idea to disable this check. You may not understand it, but we are not exactly going to expose security risks in public as that would be malicious negligence on our part.
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    Alrighty then, I'll take your guys' word for it, I'm sure you know best ;)

    In regards to the original problem, because of this movement check, is there absolutely no way to increase the velocity above 12~?
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    Raw Discovery

    Thank You Guys For This Knowledge. If it really does screw with your server, then post help on a different website. because bukkit.org will not help with that WHATSOEVER.
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  17. Moving at a speed of 10 "only", assuming there was no friction, would let you cover 200 blocks in one second. With velocity and friction and without cheaters while in a confined environment that may be ok for a fast leap, also considering that even vanilla-craftbukkit could cause "moved too quickly" very seldomly (rather a protocol bug, probably - Edit: happened on falling towards bedrock...), however that speed used by a cheater or just straight on will cause severe performance issues to your servers with the chunk loading, it might also just crash the server. So for a public server i would certainly not recommend to simply bypass that one.
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    Does it really have to be as low as it is, though? I remember having to work out some ridiculous system to set a player's velocity on a scheduler just to make them fly backwards, and I had no idea what I was doing then either so it was a huge pain to do.

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