DisableCmdGroups - Possibly very useful!

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Should this be made into a plugin?

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  1. Yes! It adds more useful nodes, basically.

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  2. No. Bro, that is like ... no. No one wants that.

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    Tl;DR is, "The Main Line", on the bottom.

    I have searched and searched and so far all I have found is

    It does restrict commands, but that is just server wide! If anyone could develop a plugin that does this rank/group-wide, you would basically be extending the flexibility of a bunch of plugins that use extra aliases such as

     /enchant efficiency 5 
    Perhaps a server administator would rather have his/her players use other enchanting commands, but not the speed command because faster griefing would occur! The plugin that uses enchants, EXAMPLE , does not have a permission node like enchant.efficiency so therefore anyone could use it that specific command without his permission and the next day the server would be wrecked because the griefer could have done it all with ease!

    Maybe an Administrator in a HungerGames server would want to disallow access to certain arenas for certain ranks because he would want his "premium" members to join them.

    /HG join [arenaname]
    /HG join NormalArena
    /HG join PremiumArena <----- Admin does not want Normal people going to this arena
    but his plugin does not support creating permissions for arenas such as:

    There are many many scenaarios where this plugin could be extra useful for a lot of people who would like to configure their server to the max.

    Basically, you are adding extra nodes to all plugins with one plugin!

    --------------- The Main LINE------------------

    A modified version of PlgDisableCMD except the ability to restrict full commands such as,
    "/HG join PremiumWorld" , and not just, "/HG join", because the plugin does that by default.

    The good thing is that PlgDisableCMD is open-source so all you have to do is the easy part - adding groups/ranks support!

    Thank you, I'm sure plenty people would benefit from this!
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    Please bump if you think this is a good idea, =)
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    I'll do it, let me just an hour or two :p
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    Assuming you have a permissions plugin, you could try CustomNodes. It let's you block any command and set a separate permission node for it, which you can then give to groups or users you want to be allowed to use the command.

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