Disable enderchests in certain worlds

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    I am running a multiworld server which has creative and survival. I need a plugin that disables enderchests in creative so i dont have to worry about ppl crossing items over to the survival world.

    Can someone please make this plugin?
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    Working on it, just debugging now :D
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    Give me link if you will when up. :D
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    Please note: It will disable the dropping of items, throwing of EXP bottles, placing of enderchests and TnT, opening of chests, dispensers, enderchests, furnaces, and workbenches while the player is in creative mode if they are not OP. If you would like the no-ender-chest ONLY plugin, PM me.

    My plugin will be called CProtect (Much More efficient than CreativeControl, and will be configurable in the near future.)
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    isn't there already a plugin called creative control? and if so and if you made it good job! i can't wait to use it!
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    Please don't advertise your plugins on here, have some respect for other devs that have claimed this thread. Plus, the OP is currently beta-testing my main plugin, CProtect, which doesn't allow one (unless they're OP), to open EnderChests, chests, furnaces, workbenches, chests, or dispensers in Creative mode. If one were to bug out creative mode (I have done before) and get creative in the normal world, they could mess the entire economy up just like that.

    anthonyc39 my plugin is very similar to Creative Control, but it's more lightweight, it's updated, it's going to have more features very soon. Not only that, but AS SOON as we hear of a bypass, bug, glitch, or cheat that could mess this plugin up, then we get up, fix it, and update it ASAP, no matter what time of day/night. CreativeControl takes a lot while longer to replay with a patch. If we patch, we'll also notify admins in-game and if no one responds 'no thank you' in the next 24-hours, it automatically updates(Future Feature).

    Right now, we're in beta, you can download the latest build here:
    Link: (Beta_1.8.2) http://minespaceserver.org/trentpublic/CProtect/beta_1.8.2/CProtect.jar
    I make sure it's stable and working, first ;).

    If you have any bugs, glitches, or bypasses to report, e-mail me at [email protected] or PM me.

    Future Features(In order of releases):
    Config file, choose what to block and how to punish it.
    Permissions (OP/non-OP system ATM)
    Update Notification

    Current Features:
    Item-dropping prevention
    XP bottle, egg, and monster egg prevention
    chest, furnace, enderchest, dispenser, and workbence access blocking (can still be placed).

    CProtect: Currently heard of a Minecart-chest/furnace bypass. We need to make the config before fixing this, we won't block Minecarts for creative unless people want it to be blocked.

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    Thanks, running the plugin on my server :D
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    I am using this plugin and restricting the chest on creative worlds


    There is two permissions, build and use. You can give permission to build the chest in creative for decoration sake, but not use them.
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    Same here. My plugin is alright, but I can no longer update it. I'll give a permission system for each check and I'll fix the Minecart bypass, then I'm afraid it's only going to be bug fixes from there on. I'll release it tomorrow, as I"m a little sick today :(

    Just to be clear, I will update it to fix bugs and bypasses, but I will not add any features. I will also be updating it for 1.4, when that is released.

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    i have been using this one. i like it.

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