disable building, but not destroying items

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dsfeagle, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Mods that we have installed and that I think could contribute to the issue and how to solve it.
    anyone has any idea on how to get it working?
    I want the nether and end protected from building, but not from destroying blocks, so that people can go there and can get the resources, but aren't able to grief the place, or build their base there (towny server, I want people to build in the towny world)
  2. remove essentials.build permission or protect it.. I think there is a flag in Worldguard to this.. /rg flag __global <flag-name> true/false/allow/deny :)
  3. only flag I am able to find is the build one for worldguard, and I believe essentials build:true/false is both build and destroy
  4. Tried the worldguard flag but there's only a build flag, not a break flag (they removed it I am guessing cause I can indeed find things about it on the internet, but break deny just states that the flag doesn't exist
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    Scroll down to "Permission Control"
    You will need to add
    - -essentials.build.place.*
    to the GroupManager world files for the End and Nether
  6. I'll have a look into those tomorrow, I haven't realised that build in essentials actually consists of multiple layers of permissions nodes, this will most likely do the trick, thank you
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