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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by crystalwizard, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Would it be too much to ask that server owners were given the ability to turn OFF the anti-cheat 'features' ? I'm sure there are plenty of owners that like having their players kicked if they are dropping items faster that a certain rate, but there are some of us that do NOT care and do NOT want our players kicked for that. And the same thing goes for the anit-cheat for speed, moving, and so on.

    Why have we not been given the ability with basic bukkit code to disable this stuff if we don't want it to check?
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    There is a very low probability that the anti cheat developer that made your anti cheat to actually use this particular part of the bukkit forum.You didn't gave us any link to the said plugin to see if the plugins even has a source code.Futhermore you should first contant the anti cheat developer too add this feature
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    i think he might be meaning the default anti cheat stuff such as when u get kicked for "Flying is not allowed on this server" @gochi9
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    I would assume it's possible, but you can disable it in your server.properties file, bukkit.yml, or spigot.yml file. Don't know which. So I'd assume Bukkit doesn't want to add that feature in their API, although I would really like that feature as well. This is all assuming that it isn't in the API already, but I'd be surprised if it isn't.
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    If it can be disabled its in the anticheats config if not,there is no way

    Tbh not sure why even bother with a anticheat they often dont detect the new hacks and they just eat up alot of resource beside making a bad experience to the normal player,you are better off just largening ur staff team to watch pvp stuff
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