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  1. When a person goes into one region if he/she does /spawn or dies they spawn in that region. But if they walk into a new region, if they do /spawn or die they spawn in that region.

    EXAMPLE: http://janelh.wdfiles.com/local--files/dragon-december/map.PNG
    (Ignore the arrows) {If you're wondering that picture is from the game Perfect World}

    I was thinking this plugin because, the same old ./spawn is annoying, and gets kind of boring.
    and if it's possible with spoutcraft or regular client, can someone make it to where when you enter a region, it announces it to you?

    If someone could make this plugin I will be quite amazed, and so will others I bet.

    [Btw I woulden't like this to be looked at like factions, just a simple region and different spawning type of plugin, please do not make it some weird pvp thing.]

    -Be able to set regions and edit them in the config (names, description, pvp on/off]
    -add a certain tool to add regions like worldedit ? (with expand enabled) [Ex: /srp expand vert] (srp stands for Spawn Regions Plugin]
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    Let me quickly see if I got this right: in stead of having one spawn point, each area has it's own. These area's are defined in a condifg file. If I can do a suggestion: offer two ways of making areas: manually with a config file and automaticllaly based on the chunks: imagine a grid of 16x16 chunks or something like that. If you do in a certain grid field, you get spawned in the middle of that field.

    It is certainly possible however I'd advice you to wait for 1.3.1 to release as a RB. Also I'm not sure if I would make this plugin, I kinda stopped with MC and development. Maybe I'll start again once college starts again, so in the months october and november, it could be possible, however I cannot promise anothing.

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  3. Thank you for replying, and yes you explained it a little better than I did, that's how I was thinking.
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    Sounds like a good idea, too bad I just started making plugins.
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    I am almost done making it, I'll upload it when it's done.

    Edit: I think there's one last problem, something with multilang. If it's fixed, then I can start bugtesting.
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    This would be a very useful plugin for RPG Servers.
    At least mine, it will have two kingdoms, and it would be a solution for not having them spawn ''between'' the kingdoms :)
    If there only would be something which would mark it easier, and use a command for setting spawn point..
    Maybe if you for example walked past a region, you would get a new spawn point, but if you went back through the region, you would get the old one, also, there would be the old spawn point if you died in that region.
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    The plugin is done, you can check it out here. I'm waiting for approval for both the project and the uploaded file.
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  8. Im sorry for the really late reply, but thank you so much!
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    If you have anything to add to the plugin, please tell me.
  10. I said some stuff on the plugin page, but here it is:

    Thank you so much. New Features can be like:
    • >>1>> - /srs p1 and /srs p2 (for position 1 and 2) and /srs create (name)
    • >>2>>- Perks (Example: Protection, PvP, Restriction, Etc)
    • >>3>>- How many people can be in each region and displaying the current amount (ex: 4/10)
    • >>4>>- Different Inventories for each region (put as a option)
    And again thank you for making the plugin
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    Nice suggestions, but you can set a name for a region so the first one is already done. Perks is ok, max people in a region might be difficult and different inventories might take some CPU usage because than you have to check every movement of a player to check if he left or entered the region. For the perks I'll have to add an option to add a radius to a region. I'll consider some.
  12. Since some stuff might take up a lot of CPU, the thing I would mostly like is for me to be able to do /srs pos1 and /srs pos2 (expand up and down 300 blocks automatically) That's the thing I would mostly like
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    So you want me to add a 3D region instead of a point?
  14. If it's possible
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    I'll try the WorldEdit API but without a good documentation or on how to do it it's hard.

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