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    What I want: there a command to turn your diamonds to exp. The amount of Exp is configurable but it's default 2 Level per diamond.

    Plugin Name: aztrekexp

    You can change the amount exp received in the config e.g.

    The player will receive 2 levels for each diamond
    exp: 2

    /axp (amount of diamonds) - Turn the amount of diamonds given into xp.
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    It can be that I don't understand it, but is this what you mean;
    Player uses his/her pickaxe to get diamonds, therefore they get xp and then what?
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    umm no no , It is a server pvp and

    killing players receive diamonds,
    la idea es que los jugadores cambian sus diamantes per exp,

    with a command
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    Please make a plugin where you can exchange diamonds to exp please!
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