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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Iskaff33, Jun 16, 2015.

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    I need some help with developing a permissions plugin.
    My code is:
                        PermissionAttachment attachment = p.addAttachment(this);
                        attachment.setPermission("worldedit.*", true);
    But the player still don't get the permission node. Please help :)
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    @Iskaff33 Do you have any other permission plugin interfering?
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    No, my only plugins is my costum, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CoreProtect and Vault.
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    I'm fairly certain that the node worldedit.* does not exist, you need to add in all of the nodes you wish to use. Permission plugins handle * nodes themselves and if you wish to support that kind of permission then you need to code it in yourself.

    Edit: worldedit.* does exist according to the worldedit wiki, but my statement still stands that most permissions plugins handle the implementation themselves as most developers do not code in * nodes to their own plugins.
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    @Iskaff33 Just add the permission to a config ?
  6. try calling player.recalculatePermissions() after updating your attachments, this should flush your permissions to the game
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