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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    OK, some people want F3 coordinates back. I am working on a solution to this right now. My play is to introduce a GUI element, run by a simple command, to give players coordinates back. I'll even try to detect presses on F3, if I can do that.
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    Would you still like this tested? I can do so when my players log off today. I still have that version in my backups.
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    Wouldn't it be far easier just to split Spout config, one for allow xyz another to allow id's over mobs. I think thats the only 2 things the "allowcheats" configs changes
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    They won't add it back in. It needs to be done server side. This is what they have been saying for the past 100-ish pages anytime someone asked why the coords didn't work.

    Not to mention the fact that I am already about halfway done with the plugin.
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    Is it possible to mod the spout client to get things like zombe or improved chat?
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    Not real sure what to tell ya then. Thats all I could pull out of the error log you showed. Guess you'll have to wait for the devs to figure it out man.
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    Hi, I have a question, I installed Spout to use the Herobrine plugin, and every time I spawn a Herobrine my server crashes...I figured out that Spout was causing the problem. Why doesn't it work? BTY I use Mac.
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    Name of project: Spoutcraft Launcher
    Project version/build: / 115
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: Client freeze upon initial login. When attempting to login, the update progress bar stops at different points and does not continue. The normal MC client launcher works as it should.
    Steps to reproduce: try to login.
    Link to error log:
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    I took the time to go through the code, XYZ still exists but you need cheatmode enabled for the client
    Line in the client which checks cheatmode when you hit f3 to show xyz or not
    Line in Spout plugin which when SpoutCraft is enabled on a player it sends the packet to enable cheatmode (if its allowed by the server config "AllowVisualCheats"

    So Simply a packet of needs to be sent to the client to allow for xyz
    player.sendPacket(new PacketAllowVisualCheats(true));
    Now if this CheatMode is used for anything else offhand i'm not sure, I checked to see if mobs have ID's over them with this enabled with f3 but they do not
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    Same issue.
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    What parts are it freezing on when it does? That would be useful information even if it is not the same file each time.

    Please post error logs from the server's console.

    Read the original/first post before asking please.
    We do not support other client mods and most of them conflict. Improved chat would for sure be one of the conflicting ones as we use our own chat modification.

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    Nevermind problem came back, deleting the chunkcache in my Spoutcraft client fixes it for a while but it eventually happens again. Once I had 3 people playing all 3 started getting the errors and deleting our chunkcaches only gave us 5-10 minutes before crashes. I turned chunkcache off on the server to stop it. No version or config changes since I last mentioned the problem went away. I played for hours with just myself after deleting the chunkcache, but it seems adding 3 more people just makes it happen quite a bit faster.
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    do you think it would be possible to make it so we can have our own custom back ground in the launcher log in part? i think it would be nice to be able to customize it a bit:;)
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    We are already planning to allow users to customize their own launcher. It's an issue on GitHub. ;)
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    Just the bar, you can close it, hit options anything. The bar freezes and you cant hit login.
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    Just coming back to let everyone know that even the most recent dev Spoutcraft Client build also has memory leaks.
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    Will the client still update if i manually installed the files for the client?
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    Just thought I'd drop in and say I love the way that this is heading! just need more major mods to start supporting it!
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    No, we are planning on adding update options to the launcher too. So users have the option to update automatically or manually when an update is detected.
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    Same as EnlightendDead. The bar freezes at random percentages each attempt. Can't log in. Only way out is to close.
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    DigitalStorm should be promoted to recommended build for now. I feel it is quite stable, and haven't had a problem since installing it. Runs rock solid!
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    We were thinking about it.

    By the way... any of you are welcome to send me screenshots that you'd like to have included in the launcher's rotation. We'd love to see what you have. Please take the screenshots with all the HUD and crosshairs hidden though. ;)

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    Does that mean i can only auto update if i was the launcher? i can never auto update just by having all of the files manually in the .mincraft/bin/minecraft.jar?
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    I have for some reason when spout is on the server I cannot place or break any blocks...
    no errors in the console
    Running CB 1060

    Alerter, AutoRegionGuard, BlockHat, BlocksOnGlass, Wieze, BorderGuard, ChairCraft, CombatTag, CommandHelper, CraftBookCommon, CraftBookMechanisms, CreativeGates, Darkbrotherhood, Death and Rebirth, DirectBank, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, FireLord, FoundDiamonds, HeroChat, HeroicDeath, HookShot, iConomy, iConomyDeath, Inception, Jail, Jobs, KitPlugin, LagMeter, LivingBuilding, LivingForest, Lottery, MagicCarpet, MinecartManiaCore, MobRider, MonsterHunt, MultiInv, NarrowtuxLib, NaturalGiants, NoFarm, nSpleef, obuShutTheHellUp, Permissions, PermissionsSql, PortalStick, Quantum Connectors, Questioner, Regios, ScheduledAnnouncer, SetRank, Showcase, Spout, SpoutEssentials, Superpickaxe, ThunderJoin, TimeRank, Towny, VoxelPort, WasteProduct, WorldEdit, Zombebanner, dynmap, LWC, mmoCore, mmoTarget, Heroes, MyWolf, NoCheat, SpoutBackpack, StyxSpace, WormholeXTreme, WormholeXTremeWorlds

    these are the plugins on the server, do any of them conflict with spout?
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    @Afforess @Wulfspider @alta189 @Raphfrk @narrowtux @Top_Cat
    Has this been reported before? Is there a fix? What is this?
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    Also whenever i try to login to my sever without my spout client, i get end of streamed automaticly. I am using craftbukkit 1060 and the newest spout.
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    @alta189 was working on a way to use the original launcher, but I'm not sure how far he's gotten with that.

    Build numbers are useful.

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    Well until than could you all have the version number on the launcher and plugin? would be helpful.
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