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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    this is what i posted on our servers facebook group its helped well ok its helped 2 players but hey it may help you

    ok memory issues with spout have ment two things
    1) you can if you so choose use the old minecraft launcher (you will lose a lot of features)
    2) create a bat file

    i advise you use java 7 (​ork/java/javase/downloads/java​-se-jre-7-download-432155.html) and if you are on a 64bit os use the x64 one

    to create a bat file
    1) open a notepad
    2) add the following text
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java" -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar Spoutcraft.jar
    3) save as spout.bat (all files and folders) in the same location as spoutcraftlauncher
    4) double click the bat file to load the game

    some notes:
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java" is where my java is, yours may be in program files (86) you may even get away with simply java

    the -Xmx1024M refers to 1 gig of ram you can increase that (limit of 2 gig on a 32bit os)

    we are eagerly DESPERETLY awaiting a fix for the memory leaks !
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    what do i open it with coz when i downloaded it it came in as a winrar help i need it for my server
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    open the launcher (spoutcraft.jar) with java (see my post above to make a bat file if windows)
  6. My spoutcraft somehow keeps crashing. It either crashes on start or when I try to join. it also crashes during game play.
    This is one crash log I get:
    the other: ("cannot connect to Minecraft")
    Show Spoiler

    And this is from a crash log file:
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    You can open, or extract it, with Winrar or you could try 7zip : | 7zip is crossplatform.

    Edit: Maybe I did not understand what you are trying to do?
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    erm, is there an archive for spout anywhere? because i downloaded spout v- and got an error, so if i can download the previous version if the error still exists i will post it here. (im only slightly nooblike when it comes to forums :p)
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    ok im using the spout server plugin and client, and some of my textures and things look wrong. like glass is white at some angles and some blocks are fuzzy or distorted (kind of) when they are about 10-15= blocks away. what causes this and what do i have to do to fix this?
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    ok when i access minecraft via the default launcher i get full access to my server and so much faster

    now i access spout it tells me it cant connect to!, the default launcher can access it fine as can my browser
    when i could log on i got massive lag spikes (not present in minecraftlauncher)
    i loaded it via cmd so i could get the error

    C:\Users\Mrgreaper\Desktop>"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java" -Xincgc -Xmx102
    4M -jar Spoutcraft.jar
    1 Connection timed out: connect
            at Method)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at<init>(Unknown Source)
            at Source)
    ttpClient(Unknown Source)
            at Sour
    (Unknown Source)
            at Sou
            at org.spoutcraft.launcher.PlatformUtils.excutePost(
            at org.spoutcraft.launcher.MinecraftUtils.doLogin(
            at org.spoutcraft.launcher.GUI.LoginForm$3.doInBackground(
            at org.spoutcraft.launcher.GUI.LoginForm$3.doInBackground(
            at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ Source)
            at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Unknown Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
            at Source)
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    Name of project: Spout Plugin, Spoutcraft Launcher
    Project version/build:
    CraftBukkit build: 1000
    Description of issue: Blocks reappearing, turning off chunkdatacache does not fix like mentioned above. Also, with spout plugin enabled, all signs are blank.
    Steps to reproduce: Pretty much just log in.
    Link to error log: There are no errors in the log.
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    Not to be a prick or something, but after the spout update every chunk glitches...
    i want the old version back =\
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    Plzzz help......when i try to connect to my own server from the spout client i get end of stream all the time, so i cant get in.....
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    More info please, read the OP for more info on reporting errors.
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    This. I was forced to go back to Bukkit #1000 and spout 1.01 because of this. It made the game unplayable.
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    My entire world looks like scrambled eggs when I log in. I heard people talking about turning off chunk caching. I don't see an option for this anywhere.

    Edit: Nevermind. I was looking at the client. I didn't know chunk caching was a server wide option.
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    The update to 1.0.2 broke my server. It was just.....unplayable.
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    hmm seems we are getting similar issues, all us plugin newbs
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    OMFG server not working anymore.. build 1000 :(
    current recomended build for bukkit is 1000
    but why does spout then goto build 1060 :p

    Uninstallaing all spout plugins instantly, this is second time this happended
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    what do you mean?
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    All spout related features had to be disabled on my server due to automatic update; Are we going to get any information on this or be left in the dust? A herpaderp, github..

    For anyone who are having a problem; The latest auto update most likely broke your plugins, and probably caused quite a few issues other as well.

    Cannot use Spoutlauncher with 1.0.1 plugins/not updating Spout Plugin.
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    Lmao, that is a big deal. Do you just run a solo server? People who run real servers, a client restart every hour is a hassle and a big deal.
  24. Latest RB is 1060, you could update since it won't break any plugins... but backup your build 1000 just in case.
    On another matter, I had some issues with duplicated chunks...
    But I disabled chunk caching and it seems it has been fixed (I tested verry quickly tough)
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    I have the issue here is the client problem : deconnection when logging in
    Server show :
    at java.lang.system.arraycopy(native method)
    at source)
    at source)
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet51MapChunk.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.f(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.d(
    Connexion reset"
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    Pour tous les français qui aurait des problèmes avec spout et ses plugins et qui ont un serveur verygames (surtout eux bande de malchanceux :D ) dans votre fichier config.yml de spout modifier le AuthenticateTicks pour le passer un 100, et oui vous êtes bridé chez eux ^^
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    What is your spout verson?
    Craftbukkit build?
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    spout v:
    and Craftbukkit : 1060
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    Noone was asking you troll
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