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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SpoutDev, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    CB Build?

    I don't know if he bought Minecraft or not, so there is no correcting needed

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    true sorry
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    Its all good :) I also was making that clear for anyone reading this thread :)
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    I see
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    Just for the record, i did buy minecraft, hope this is good prof
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    I assumed you did, I just have to assume that you didn't
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    I understand, just wanted to prove myself xD
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    I like how you bloat out whats already bloated even your name. It's fishy, anyone can use a friends account to take a screeny.
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    because i have multiple aliases? xD so your saying rastapunk420 is a fake? thats also another one of my aliases. I understand your skepticism, but how could i prove it other than a screenie? xD
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    when i click log in on the launcher, the entire program goes nonresponsive
    what should i do?
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    It's a memory issue, Im working on it
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    thx, who here likes
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    Does this break the world-edit-clientside-mod ?

    Oh and in bukkitcontrib there were server enhancements (or better fixes) are these still in and if yes what are these fixes? :D
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    Nope. I get the message every time that it's authenticated. :B

    19:07:59 [INFO] [Spout] Successfully authenticated TheBlackVeil's Spoutcraft client. Running client version: 101

    According to the mcMMO page it works with Spout, as of now. :(

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    Yes, most client mods will conflict with Spout due to using the same classes. Client mods will be able to be supported by Spout once our client plugin API has been made and authors have updated to them or someone has ported them over.

    There are quite a few enhancements in Spout as well as some that were carried over from BukkitContrib. Optimine, Optifog, and OptiTick are a few along with a lot of new changes made by a few of our devs.

    We will be documenting the features better soon as well as providing tutorials and other useful information for users and devs.
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    where do you download the client mod
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    You download the launcher
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    Any idea on the progress of the client-plugin system? I really want that. That would make it possible for server mods to create new items and have GUI on client side for crafting and stuff like that, yes?
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    this is off topic, but when is the launcher memory bug gonna b fixed?
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    By tomorrow, Im working on it
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    Hooray! I managed to download the class files from jenkins and add it to my minecraft.jar I started remodding my minecraft and managed to get all but two mods working! Possibly make it compatible with mod loader? One of my mods that didnt work needed mod loader and the other one was Xray. (I use it to catch griefers etc on my server)
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    Mod loader is built in, atleast i thought
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    pretty sure it isnt
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    It isn't and there are no plans for it to be nor will there be. The upcoming API for Spoutcraft will allow for authors to port their mods to work with Spout. @Afforess or @alta189 can give you a better explanation, but basically... modloader won't cut it for us.
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    Modloader will never be built in, it was not designed well. Our client API will be released partially in 1.1.0, more details on it coming soon
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    Does spout save your user information at all or use it for any reasons? I am kinda nervous about using a plugin which requires you to put in your login information. Even if its widely used and liked. I am going to use it anyway, but I am just wondering.
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    all the source is on github, it only saves your encrypted username/password on a file on your computer if you select Remember.
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    So spout is really awesome and stuff, but when i added Spout.jar to my plugins folder, i couldn't use any of the admin commands such as /give AznGuyOA 46 and /stop. Any help?
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    I have a problem with widgets. Basically, I can attach a label widget perfectly fine, but when i try removing it, nothing happens and the label is still stuck on the screen:

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