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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    I will have a patch tonight, or tomorrow morning (Its 2 pm for me)
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    Suggestion for the Options form in the latest development builds;

    Its simply to just disable the ability to click in the main form while the option form is open as right now I can open the options form and click back to the main form and login without ever closing the options form, and after it logs in the option form doesn't close itself. (which to me seems a bit silly which is why I am suggesting this).

    Also a feature request;

    On the main screen where there are four buttons (Single Player, Multiplayer, Texture Packs and Options) could we possibly put Texture packs under Options and also add a "Logout" button to go back to the user selection screen? Always wondered why I had to close minecraft entirely just to switch users. :S
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    for a while i could not join my server. then i removed all plugins(except for spout) and i could join again.
    i will be sticking them back in 1 by 1 to see wich one it was.

    i will let you know witch one it was. (hopefully soon)

    EDIT: turns out is was itemcraft. considering how much it changes your server, i am not suprised.

    good thing spout will take care of mods soon.
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    I have installed the mod with ZombeBanner, but an error keeps spamming when anyone moves a single inch. What does this error mean? The error is located below:
    [SEVERE] Player: EngelBV was not properly updated during login!
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    is ZombeBanner a client or server mod? if client, alta189 has said countless times not to mod SpoutCraft. As for the error, are there any more lines below it or is it just that one line as the error?
    actually just stumbled across ZombeBanner, disregard first part of my message >.> lol
    (might have to get that now :))
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    The latest development builds have some network bandwidth optimization that should cut the amount of bandwidth Spoutcraft players use by 35-50%. Sadly it doesn't work with vanilla, as we need to make client changes for it to work, but at least Spoutcraft players will be taxing your system less. ;)

    I'd submit both of these to our github issues list, this thread moves too quickly to be useful archive.

    Yeah, the next release will have all the memory issues sorted out.

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    Ah, thank you. I will do so as soon as I can. :)

    Oh I do love the new User selection screen by the way, very well done.
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    It is a single error, who ever turns or walks it just spams it like:
    [SEVERE] Player: EngelBV was not properly updated during login!
    [SEVERE] Player: EngelBV was not properly updated during login!
    [SEVERE] Player: EngelBV was not properly updated during login!
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    So with spout installed and everyone having a spout client, I don't need craftproxy anymore?

    Also if you don't mind me asking, I love using dev builds for everything, especially spout. What is the difference between these on the jenkins;

    Spout is the server's plugin, I know that.
    SpoutAPI is only for developers to make plugins?
    Spoutcraft ??
    Spoutcraft Launcher ??

    If I had to guess, spoutcraft is the files that go inside the launcher?

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    David T.

    I really like this plugin. I liked BukkitContrib before, but this is awesome how you can download a launcher and it just works! :D Thank you SOOO much for updating this!
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    Is there a way for cracked Minecraft players to join a server using the Spoutcraft launcher?
    Thanks in advance to any replies.
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    Nope, they have said a few times they don't support people who have not paid for the game.
  14. that sucks :(
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    I fail to see why anyone would assume they 'would' support it. I mean aside from being illegal to play a pirated/cracked game its just plain wrong. :(
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    Buy the game.
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    What is a cracked MC player, is a MC player on crack? :rolleyes:
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    Everything works now, My friends modem/router didnt have Loopback.
    had to Telnet into it, and enable it.

    -Edit You are whitelisted. and i took off whitelist...
  20. i bought it so shush
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    Also, sorry to bug ya again.. Do u know in order to use transporters, you "Have" to patch your client?

    -Edit I mean in order to do server to server transfer?
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    Kane, these are basically the same changes as with Craft Proxy (though mostly recoded). However, they are more efficient since CraftProxy needs to decompress/recompress all packets at the server and at the client. However, with spout they can be processed before they are compressed by the server and after they are decompressed by the client, so it saves 2 decompress/recompress cycles per packet.

    Also, since I don't have to decode the packet stream, there is much less room for error.

    Not sure about the bandwidth saving, it was 60%+ for CraftProxy, but it is harder to measure with Spout since I can't compare to the packets compressed normally.

    Spout also supports the client patch for Server Port. I can't remember if it was Server Port or Craft Proxy which you had an issue with. There is a plugin called Transporter which implements similar functionality to Server Port, though I haven't looked at the full details.

    The only real loss relative to Craft Proxy is that if you have multiple servers, you can't have all users connect to the same hostname/port.

    I would suggest talking to the Transporter dev. He either has (or should have) support for getting around that issue.

    The plugin is supposed to detect that you on a local IP and send you a different target hostname.

    Mostly yes. There is no way to tell the default client to reconnect.

    Alternatively, you can use Craft Proxy. The player connects to the proxy and the proxy connects to the server on their behalf.

    However, if the 2 servers are at 2 different physical locations, then it can cause an issue.

    If you connect to the other, server you could go frmo

    Player <----- Internet --- [ ----> Proxy1 <-------> Server1 ]

    Player <----- Internet ---- [ ----> Proxy1 <----- ] --- Internet ---- [ -----> Proxy2 <------> Server2 ]

    This means that the person hosting Proxy1 had to provide twice the bandwidth, sine the player is just passing through their proxy to get to the other server.

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    Hi, i think your plugin is pretty amazing, alone the idea let me shiver.

    I searched the threat but didnt see a exact answer, will it be possible to make a mod like aether mod to behave as an plugin? So is it possible in the future, to add a random mod to your server with this plugin? Or did i missudnerstood the plugin and it works more like a base for future plugins? Like Iconomy for all the trade, market and mercanry mods.

    thx for ur hard work
  24. Always try to get some sleep at 1pm! Programming stuffs can wait till tomorrow! :D
    EDIT: What if you would fall asleep while coding and your head would fall on your keyboard [a] That would make a mess.

    Edit2: I almost forgot to mention that one of my users has reported a problem with connecting to my server. He says he gets "Bad login" I asked him to be more specific but he hasn't replied to me yet. I'll let you guys know if I know more. (I know for sure that he has downloaded the Spoutlauncher and tried to connect with it.)
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    Then stop complaining. It will work for you.
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    Aww... But I guess it's not that bad because if you had anything using spout then they would need it anyway...
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    Whenever i install spout on my server, players log in to only a few loaded chunks, their messages only go to console, and they keep crashing, mobs are frozen and its in a complete loop, completely unusable. I've powered it on and watched in console repeated times and never get any errors, CPU usage caps at like 5% and ram goes nowhere near my 6gb cap. But i have to uninstall spout to make the server work again? Anybody else getting this phantom bug? Or know a fix?
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    how in the world do I uninstall this?? every time I delete it, it just keeps coming back!
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    Some of the plugins auto download it, list your plugins here.
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    Can I suggest someone make a video tutorial for using the API? If noone has or is going to I will. This deserves to be used by even the noobest noobs.
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    Just a little UPDATE...

    It is officially unsupported but Too Many Items and Zombe Modpack work with Spoutcraft launcher.

    You just have to go to your "%appdata%/.spoutcraft" folder and add the class files as you would the normal minecraft.jar

    These are the only ones I got working. Aether and mcOverhaul are others I use and currently NOT supported at all.

    Hope this helps!
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