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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    You probably got it before 449 was uploaded to the mirrors. The build number updates faster than the mirrors.
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    ForceSinglePlayerClient doesn't appear to be working. I have it enabled, and yet people using the regular (non-Spoutcraft) Minecraft 1.8.1 client to connect. I've tested this on my live server and on a VM, same thing on both.
    Spout config.yml:
    ForceSinglePlayerClientKickMessage: This server requires the Spoutcraft client!
    ForceSinglePlayerClient: true
    AuthenticateTicks: 200
    AutoUpdate: true
    AllowVisualCheats: false
    ChunkDataCache: true
    TeleportSmoothing: true
    AuthenticateSpoutcraft: true
    And yes, "online-mode=true" in

    EDIT: OK, so it's an intermittent problem. After writing a quick hack-job plugin to handle that issue, Spout suddenly started properly kicking my regular Minecraft client while I was testing the plugin.
    So, not sure what the conditions are for whether it decides to work or not, but sometimes it doesn't.
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    Emiya Shirou

    Where I can check change log for dev build and what is inside of devbuild compared to recommended one?
  5. Is memory management on the timeline /milestone at github ?
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    My Spoutcraft launcher keeps getting stuck on 67% extracting files with the message 'Download interrupted'. If I delete the whole .spoutcraft folder the launcher won't start at all.

    Any ideas?
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    Same issue here, after deleting %appdata%/.spoutcraft starting Spoutcraft.exe (latest, redownloaded) it creates empty .spoutcraft dir and doesn't show anything. I tried it with linux box, downloaded Spoutcraft.jar, started and it created empty ~/.spoutcraft directory.
    Also if I could suggest something, splitting allowVisualCheats and making allowCoordinates would be nice.

    After few minutes it said:
    sebi@SebiPC:~$ java -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar Spoutcraft.jar
    Theres something wrong, we couldn't get internet...
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    Our main server was down for a period of time and this is likely the cause of your issue. Use the "Clear Cache" button on the launcher Options and retry your login.

    The visual cheats have also been split up more in Spout's config on the server in the latest dev builds. AllowCoordsCheat has also been added. :)
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    Same issue for me ,
    I clear cache and try to delete the .spoutcraft but it doesn"t work , i can't launch spoutcraft anymore
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    As I said, the host was down, but is back up now. Try again as it should be working for you.

    Use the "Clear Cache" button on the launcher options and try again.

    Memory management? Could you explain yourself a bit more? You can already allocate memory on the launcher options.

    That would be failing...

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    Thanks Wulfspider, that's fixed it :)

    ^ first time it got past the 67% thing I also got the 'Can't launch Spoutcraft' error but I clicked login again (without clearing the cache a second time) and it worked.
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    it's working now thanks

    I have a little problem with spoutcraft and the water with texture pack on my server ( and in Solo) Sorry if there is an other subject on it i don"t see it :(

    when i don't use spoutcraft the water texture is that
    And when i use Spoutcraft my water texture is that

    Why the water is not the same with spoutcraft ( i try in solo it is the same thing ) ?? why the blue is not the same ? and look in my inventory and in my hand in the second screenshot , the water has the correct color !!
    An other person have the same problem in solo and in my server , I am new on spout and spoutcraft so sorry if it is an already know problem or if it is normal
    I hope you can help me , thanks
    ( i use the last Spout and spoutcraft build )

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    @Wulfspider ,

    I've been having issues on my server lately. It is hosted on RedstoneHost Adventure Tier.
    My server restarts without warning every now and then when a player connects with a spout client. The restarts are very erratic, but they only occur while using a spout client.

    Have you noticed any issues with this host or McMyAdmin before? I am overall suspicious of that thing, but I can't control my off-machine server without it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated my me and my players as we are getting quite tired of relogging all the time.
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    One of the features Spoutcraft implements is biome colored water. You can disable it under options...I think.
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    Update still not working...
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    It says can't connect o though I can see it in my browser....
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    Wulfspider is NOT on the same machine as ;)
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    It says Can Not connect to but is up please fix or something
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    Read one message above yours.
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    I see. Keep up the good work then :p
  21. Since 1.8 both performance and memory management is worse then in 1.7 to fix this a better 3d engine would be need or is this not correct ?

    I mean i know 512p textures is allot but 6 gb of memory use ?
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    Is there a way to check an minecraft installation "untouched" aka no client side modifications like cheats or any plugin that change the behavior intended in a server?
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    Is there a fix coming to SpoutLaucher to make the 8gb and 16gb memory options work anytime soon?
  24. How can I use spout's Material ? It doen't seem to have enum ... I need to use it with getMaterialManager() for setItemName() and maybe others, but how ?
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    @Afforess just commited a fix to the launcher. So it should be fixed in the latest dev build.
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    MaterialData provides access. It's all static, so you should be able to get it with

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    Most of the time, if a player manually mods the client over Spoutcraft, it will likely break something and he'll be unable to play without errors or crashing. There isn't a way for Spout to check a vanilla Minecraft client, so you would have to force the use of Spoutcraft.
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    I'm putting my hopes that Notch fixes the memory and CPU issues in the next month up till MineCon, like he said he would.

    Probably foolish, misplaced hopes, but who knows...
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    Your hopes are most certainly misplaced if the pre leases demonstrate anything. :p
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    Is it not posible, let's say i have a minecraft installation (vanilla or modified) in a folder inside my spoutserver folder and when server is up spout creates or request an md5 checksum of that folder
    In the other side i have spoutclient that request or creates an md5 checksum of the game folder
    Then when client connect server request the hash to the client and if this is not the same client is kicked.
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    Not yet, but we are thinking of adding something. There is no way to check a vanilla client though without a client mod of some sort to send the hash back. A hash could be spoofed too, so a simple hash check isn't the best solution. There are already hack clients that are spoofing the Spoutcraft auth too.
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