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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SpoutDev, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    i see you guys are greatful for bug reports
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    I'm trying to get this to work on my 1.7.3 client. I install it according to the wiki page and it keeps saying I can only run 1.7.3 and just closes out.
    Meta-inf is deleted. No modloader. No mods. It doesn't even do anything except throw an error and close out.
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    You put the jar under .spoutcraft/bin and have all the lwjgl jar and natives files in there too?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    It's an illegible bug report out of the structure, AND, it's ingrateful to spout existing in the first place, not to mention such a blatantly obvious bug. Comment redundant post.
    Fair assumption: Troll.
    Best course of action: Defusion the 'tension' via joke.


    Yo Dawg, So I heard you like trolls? 8D
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    i like most admins am watching this thread for spout 1.8 compatable, i know the client will be a few days and i know why, i also know that the server verson could happen at any time.

    we are using craftbukkit 1124 fully aware that it is buggy, and happy to accept that. i debated adding spout dev verson his bug report may of served you no purpose but helped me no said "its not ready in the slightist"

    ok so its a bug you guys proberly spotted within minutes of play testing but his post helped, i just didnt feel there was the need for such a nasty response, theres too much of that on the net a simple "you were told about the bugs, thats one were aware of thankyou for pointing it out" would of sufficed

    perhaps i should not of been so sarcastic in my comment i just feel alienating people that take the time to try to help is a bad thing
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    lmao I know there is bugs. -.- I'm reporting them so they can NOT be bugs..
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    If you believe that bug report was trolling then you are gravely mistaken and I suggest you retract using the word at all in the future. You used it very incorrectly.
    Furthermore you are not a spout developer. Do not speak on their behalf. Let them express their own viewpoints.

    I managed to get spout working. However when I enter the server /spout version works, but it says my client is not a Spout client---ironic as I'm currently running it.
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    Are you using dev builds of both the plugin and client or an old version of one?
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    I'm using the last released recommended ones, 262 client and 339 server.
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    Did you mod your client with anything else?
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    You seem like a nice guy, but I find it very difficult to understand what you're trying to say.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Have you read the rest of the guys posts? His response to my post just now is the first one that I could take seriously..

    Yes, it is obvious there's a language barrier of some sort. (either his young or non-english speaking)

    Yes, that naturally means his hard to comprehend him and it's not entirely his fault.
    But honestly, he isn't making any effort to overcome this problem. All bar one of his posts can be summarised into "IT WENT WRONG D;" or "BUT! D;". Lighten up man xD

    He Really, really seems like a troll. That's all I'm trying to say, xD

    Also grim, you seem to have some sort of native gripe against plugin devs, like caid said, you seem like a nice guy but really, something about many of your posts just doesn't seem 'right'. No offence, you just seem like your trying really hard not to rage on this thread :confused:.
  14. World generators don't have anything to do with Spout. There are two steps to world generation though. You have the world generator which defines the basic structure of the terrain setting dirt, stone, water, air, and other common simple blocks. Then you have populators which add things like caverns, ore deposits, trees, underground lakes (both water and lava). The populators can create more complex data than the generator does, because the generator is supposed to be a very fast return.
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    Clean minecraft install. My only backup is of 1.7.3 before I even HD patched it or launched it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yes I know, I went off topic, thanks though, that was quite helpful... *pms* <.>
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    Im rather dyslexic and have difficulty wording things so i shoot for abject honesty, its not always appreciated.

    I have no gripe against plugin devs (bukkitdev is another matter) i do have a gripe against people using the animity of the net to attack others, which is what i took the post to be, however i was unaware of the other posts and to be honest i should not of stuck my nose in, sorry. guess im still a liitl edgy after i got mildly flamed for suggesting bukkit do a version on the prerelease of 1.8 even if it was locked to 1 user online to allow server admins to check for plugin errors)

    i will say i have a lot of respect for plugin devs, and the bukkit team they all work for free to provide us with plugins for free. a fact that people often forget. I admit to being frustrated at times at developers that abandon thier plugins but are still about, just refusing to answer or release source code, but hey im only human.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah I see, it's all good. Honestly I'd expect that at least partially SpoutDev are feeling impatient bout their release too, since their hands are mostly tied :s.

    And I don't honestly remember you getting flamed for that so my bad there, and as for sticking your nose in, I'm wrong of the biggest culprits so you need not apologise to me :3
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    the guy that posted no in every language kinda got to me the last post i made i reported and asked the mods to lock it, aint looked to see if they have or not

    but back on topic,
    the thing that puzzles me is the team are waiting for a program that de-obsfuscates it (cant spell it and im too tired to google it, no shoot me!) if its that easy to de-thatwordagain why on earth do minecraft obfuscate it in the first place, it seemed the obfuscating method is what delayed/gave headache to craftbukkit team too, im guessing its a sort of drm but one an application can just disable seems rather pointless to me. or have i misunderstood it entirely?
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    Bug reports in-between MC updates are like 99% user inflicted, so we ignore them all, unless there is proof that it's us.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I believe obfuscation is closely related to compilation.

    From my understanding what they are waiting for in the new MCP is for the changes to minecraft's source code to be available for use in their code.

    (java works by importing code, so, they don't necessarily understand how Minecraft is coded line by line, they just import snippets of code to do their modding..)

    It's like this:

    your drawing circles on paper with a compass. You start out using a standard graphite pencil in your compass, then someone switches the paper for glass, so NOW, you need to wait for someone to switch your pencil for a texter that can write on glass. SpoutDev are still waiting on that texter :(

    Edit:... I got off topic, I think obfuscating was being used metaphorically..

    Dude. I just went through explaining how you weren't necessarily being a jerk. Now all my lies are revealed D;

    Kidding :rolleyes:, seriously though, I lol'd when I saw that.

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    MC updates tend to do that. :(

    Really though, if you want to make sure you report is seen - github tickets are the best way to go. I always read those.

    Spout's not quite ready either. I will be bringing it up to date and ironing out bugs tomorrow.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh wow, I didn't even notice github had tickets, when I saw then bukkitdev I thought they were new xDD
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    Right now, I can decompile Minecraft 1.8, but at the moment, every variable in the code would be a1, a2, a3..., b1, b2, same with every method and every file name. It's extremely time consuming to figure out what they do from that. (It's like reading a 300 page book, where every letter has been swapped). I actually used to do Minecart Mania for the client and server way back before Christmas in that type of code, but updating took a long time, and after 3 updates like that, you get burnt out really fast. Not to mention it slows down development, because you have to decode stuff to figure out what it does, only to find it's not what you needed anyway.

    MCP is a community decoding effort. Dozens of modders work together on IRC, using a scripted bot to rename all the files and methods back to what they should be each update. Depending on how available the developers are, is how quickly this gets down. Once everything is remapped, they test it for a few hours, then release. Once released, it's as simple as a few clicks to get the obfuscated source into something approaching human readable code. In fact, it's the largest deobfuscation ever done - period. There are no bigger deobfuscation projects. :p
  25. Despite the fact that it sounds like a huge PITA, every time I hear about huge coding projects I get jealous that I could never finish my Comp Sci degree. I loved programming, but I seem too dense to learn it just by reading straight text, I need stepping-stone projects. Curse you all and your IRC code parties! ;P
  26. So we are waiting for MCP right now am i right ????
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah. My mistake... again.. your making me look bad xD, shouldave remembered "It's not really an API" :s

    Impressive though. :p


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  28. Thanks.
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    O,o Umm When Is 1.8 Going to be Out On Spout All servers Are Now 1.8(or almost) Id Like to Play some Lol
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    *adds name to internal blacklist*
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    So you personally checked all servers? I'm suuuure they were incredibly stable and running allll their normal plugins while not losing anything.
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