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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    A build of CraftBukkit was released, doesn't mean it's usable yet. Things will be out when they are out.
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    Marcos Cosmos


    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    Do NOT use it on your production server. It's not even guaranteed to obey the 3 laws of robotics. #bukkit
    1 hour ago
    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    Jenkins is alive! Stop killing my server and download it officially… - remember: VERY EXPERIMENTAL #bukkit
    1 hour ago

    It's a non-RB, and beware it is guaranteed to be buggy, but your welcome test it privately. :D
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    I am trying to test my server on 1.8, Spout keeps giving me errors , which is expected because it hasn't updated yet, but the issue is, I cannot delete it. It keeps redownloading itself no matter how many times I delete the jar and it's folder.

    Any Idea how to fix this ?
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    You have another plugin downloading it. Probably LogBlock and its chest logging feature.
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    I have to say two things;
    I like the idea of spout... I enjoyed using it the last few days on my server and my client. I love it..

    HOWEVER.... I LOATHE the fact that plugins are auto downloading spout. even when I make an empty jar.. chmod it as root to 000 ... plugins are still finding a way to write over it. never mind this glaring security flaw with bukkit... or java or w/e. Spout has prevented my 1.8 server from coming up for hours. It wasn't until I blew all my plugins away that I could finally have my server running... rest assure, when I find out which plugin is auto downloading and installing plugins on MY server it will receive a permanent ban.

    Anyway, I like spout still. I really think we should DISCOURAGE devs from this auto DLing crap! ( unless its something like CB up to date... )
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    If you were to list your plugins, we may be able to help you determine which it is.

    We do discourage plugins auto-downloading Spout and we state it on the download page for Spout and SpoutAPI.
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    I'm testing it right now, started with build #1100 and now it's build #1104.
    Except PaintingSwitch v0.3, all of my plug-ins that doesn't directly need Spout are working.
    My plug-ins list is not that long, so I'm a lucky guy :D
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    @ThePhireFox the spout devs actively appose ANYONE doing that already, I believe they even mention that in their original post.
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    Some of the plugin devs picked it up before and haven't broken the habit yet. It's already for things like the MySQL connector. Plugins not clearly stating on their info page that they auto-download something is a no no too.
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    spout is like a virus, keep deleting it to see it comeback! finaly killed it by removing showcase u really need to remove the auto download function and let server admins decide if they want it!
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    Other plugins download it, not us. Spout just updates itself if it's already installed. It has no way of installing itself. :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Read the OP, they DO strongly discourage auto-downloading spout. I think it's stupid that plugins do it all since spout is updating rapidly and new builds aren't always stable. They should at least create a separate versionwhich doesn't auto-download (making it manual, but stable) and it gives spout the recognition it deserves by placing it explicitly in the OP -.-. Certainly I will not be auto-downloading it, though really my project is rather niche and will probably run on the server we dedicate to it and few others.

    Anyway, it's extremely naive of plugin devs to auto-download spout... I'm amazed they can build with it yet not grasp the concept of how problematic automating it can be.

    @narrowtux Dude! Disappointed! Your on the SpoutDev team, how could you?! D;
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    Tell showcase that.
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    Is there no way to stop other plugins from auto downloading it?
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    Most of them have options to download it or not. Simply disabling the feature that uses Spout solves it for some such as LogBlock. Server owners should really be reading more carefully and looking over all the config files before blindly installing plugins too though. ;)

    He just picked up some bad habits from other plugin devs in that regard. ;)
    At least he has an option in TooManyBuckets I believe. Not sure about his others.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yeah I was just pulling his leg, though I am surprised he overlooked it in this case, and it's missing from his OP, I expect it won't be long before he's made the changes though, must be kinda embarressing lol xD

    Edit: TooManyBuckets? I must'ave neglected plugin browsing for quite awhile, never heard of it D; /shame
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    Yes yes yes and yes as far as I know. You'd have to get an example from @olloth or one of the other guys if you want one though. ;)

    Edit: I was told that the attaching tabs to the border isn't possible yet, but yes for the rest as far as I know.
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    spout no worky for 1.8 builds :/
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @olloth Ehem, may I please have an example? :3 Also, how long have you been on the team?! /feels behind xD

    lol read the last 2 pages buddy

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    @olloth has made some fixes for the Spout server plugin, but we can't do anything with the Spoutcraft client until MCP is available for 1.8.
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    Only plugin I need is spout ofr logblock D:
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    Marcos Cosmos

    .... I'm sorry but LMFAO that's kinda ironic

    @Wulfspider Wait, is there a version of the server side Spout that is partially 1.8 compatible? From what you've been saying.. :confused:

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    We have a separate branch on GitHub for 1.8, but we aren't building it right now.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Would there be any point in compiling that source code myself for experimentation/boredom? Or is it still far too buggy (I take it as a given that every initial 1.8 related mod update is?)
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    You can try it if you want, but it may break other plugins that use it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh right.. Ehhh I need to find more info/explanation on world gen plugin developing.. are there many template landscape things (non-flat.... preferably islands..) or w/e that you know of? :3
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm.. I have it fixed offline I think, but wasn't able to upload to minecraft yesterday..
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    You can turn that off in the narrowtuxlib config. However, this will likely crash showcase!
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    tbh its just best to avoid showcase till spout update too, theres no new rb yet so the dev can be excused for not updating though the fact he/she still hasnt added selling stuff and enforces spout has me tempted to change to chest shop but my players love it :( grrrrrr

    just seen u are the creator of showcase...ummm oops, though i stand by my post.
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    Does this work on builds #1102 and up yet?
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