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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    You can't use both together as I've said. You need to find whatever plugin is downloading it and either upgrade or remove it.

    Without knowing what versions those users are running and what their console log looks like, it's hard to tell.

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    Mathew Alden

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    Pull them out of the original jar?
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    resontly i figered out how to do a custom spout launcher photo but after 1 new update not 100% sure wich one it was but not it makes my custom photo distorted and makes it not spot on do you no why?
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    No idea what you did to it, so can't say for sure. Perhaps you don't have the image at the right resolution.
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    what i did is went into .spoutcraft and deleted the launcher_cache file and made my own pic and renamed it to launcher_cache and then it made it my back ground but it dousnt any moreD: it dous but its all wierd and makes it off centered
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    That image is rotated automatically every week by the launcher. That is just a cache so it doesn't have to download each time. If it's off-centered, perhaps you didn't make it the right size?
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    hmm i did do it full screen the last pic i did i dont beleve i took it with full screen that mite be it
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    Alright. Got rid of the BukkitContrib problem. Now, I have the issue... whenever I run Spout, all players lose rank and group. I use PermissionsBukkit as my permissions system... everyone is currently default on my server, and I have no idea why.
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    Mathew Alden

    I believe they're hardcoded. I had heard someone had remade them as a texture. Is this wrong?
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    I get alot of errors with diffrent plugins and everytime it says spout can i please get a answer? this time it was with movecraft i got this error.

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    first point is: spout is not for cheating, the server-admin have to allow all mods you will use on your client. ther won't be client only mods the server doesn't know about and can't control them
    second point: spout is only an api like modloader but much better, all mods have to be re-made explicit for spout
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    I would like to know as well.
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    Is there any compatible minimap mod that can use spoutcraft ?
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    I deleted some chunks with mcedit and has fullrendered the map with dynmap
    Then the server freezes and following:

    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-749"
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.doLighting(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE] Unexpected exception
        at net.minecraft.server.World.doLighting(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.Chunk.a(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.setRawTypeId(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.WorldGenMinable.a(SourceFile:57)
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ChunkProviderGenerate.getChunkAt(SourceFile:457)
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.generator.NormalChunkGenerator.getChunkAt(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ChunkProviderServer.getChunkAt(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ChunkProviderServer.getChunkAt(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.loadChunk(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.loadChunk(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.getFastPacket51(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.playerTeleported(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.updateActiveChunks(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.queueOutputPacket(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.sendPacket(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.teleport(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.teleport(
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    2011-09-06 11:23:49 [SEVERE]     at

    i will try build 307
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Btw.. with the upcoming custom blocks stuff... when is custom mobs planned?.. and in particular I'm wondering about the methods and structure of the API when it comes to mob AIs. So yeah, could anyone on SpoutDev team shed a little light on that?
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    Boon Pek

    When using the SpoutCraft launcher and doing a /rocket with CommandBook, the user would be kicked with the "You moved too quickly :( (Hacking?)" message.

    This does not happen without SpoutCraft, so I think that it's a problem within the mod :p
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    A video support for launch to users will be the most!!
    It's a great plugin!!
    possibilities are so expanded!!
    What will be the version of spout how can create news blocs??
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    i think i found a bug:

    Using Spoutcraft Dev 346 and Spout Dev 307

    Options -> Video Settings -> Change Render Distance and the spoutcraft client crash.

    End of Stream...

    and the server log says:
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [SEVERE] Bad packet id 195
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.g(
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.c(
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-09-06 13:45:23 [INFO] xyzPlayer lost connection: disconnect.genericReason

    and to build 300:
    "Added render pass support for custom blocks"

    wtf? this mean that other plugin can add more/custom blocks to minecraft :D.

    This would be awweesome if i understand it right !!!

    my post 4710 with tht error log can be ignored.
    the spout.jar was corrupted, re-download solved the problem.

    on post 4706 now runs spout-dev-307 and it works now perfect.

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    Glad you got it worked out. :)

    Not currently. I am sure once the client addon API is out, that will be one of the first.

    Currently it is, but we are most likely going to setup our own soon as the current ones are inadequate and unable to do what we need.

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    Just because you see Spout in the error trace does not mean it's at fault. Items at the top are the ones at fault. Talk to the Movecraft developer.

    Uh huh. And this is Spout's fault because?

    The moved too quickly message is actually part of Bukkit and has nothing to do with Spout or Spoutcraft.

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    They will not be implemented directly. Similar client addons will most likely be made if they Spoutcraft support is not added to them later.
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    if you are on windows, you can create a batch file similar to this:
    set APPDATA=C:\minecraft\singleplayer
    start C:\minecraft\Minecraft.exe
    Name it anything, but use a ".bat" or ".cmd" extension.

    what it does (out of order):
    • "set APPDATA" changes the value of %appdata%. In this case, it means that C:\minecraft\singleplayer\.minecraft will be created. Use whatever valid path you want here.
    • "setlocal" means that any changes to the environment (such as the path of the %appdata% folder) will only apply to things that come before the next endlocal command (or end of the file-- technically, endlocal isn't needed in this simple batch file, but i prefer being explicit). If you skip the "setlocal" command, it will still work fine, but all your other programs will start using that new %appdata% too.
    • "start" launches a program. for simplicity, use a full path to your minecraft.exe.
    you can create a second batch file for Spoutcraft: use a different APPDATA such as C:\minecraft\spoutcraft and start spoutcraft.exe instead of minecraft.exe. your single player mods go into the singleplayer\.minecraft folder, and they won't interfere with spoutcraft. You can create any number of batch files for non-spout servers too, each with their own appdata value.

    I'm sure if you are using Linux or a Mac, you can do something similar, but I'm not the one to ask about that.
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    ... or you could use the spoutcraft launcher
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    because there are errors from getspout. And with Version 307 is works without errors. I has atrted before again with 294, after 3 minutes the server freezes with the same errorlog.
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    why does the spoutcraft launcher have problems with loading? ..
    whenever i start is it always freezes on any amount of %.
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    Could what you have done with texture packs (server > client) be done with Shader mods?
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    Other important question will they be blockable by spout(server) ?
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    Are client mods supported by spout? (For example Liar's port to craftbukkit for flan's planes)
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