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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Check that the server is running the latest compatible version and that it isn't running BukkitContrib.
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    I am unable to use Spout. Every time I put it in the server, it screws everything up... spamming errors in the Terminal, and removing the ranks/groups from all my players. My plugins are listed in my signature. Help?
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    Knowing what errors you are getting would be useful. Please post logs along with what versions/builds you are using for CraftBukkit, Spout, and Spoutcraft.

    Edit: You get errors because you are running BukkitContrib too.
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    will it be possible to replace playermodels with custom made ones? if not, this would be a great feature for 1.3
    and one realy good reason for me to learn maya xD
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    Thanks for the trouble and with the help.
    I will re install spout.
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    Is there the Worldedit CUI Support built in somehow? If not, is there any chance, it may be added sometime?
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    I seriously doubt if it would be added to spout itself, but it would be fairly trivial to add as a spout plugin, if not quite yet, then soon.
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    the 3D-render-api is planned for 1.2 so you maybe have to wait for this version
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    Can you install mods to this launcher? Like zombe's and TMI?
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    No. Spoutcraft client addons will be available eventually. For now, you can use server plugins such as SpoutFlight and TooManyBuckets.
  12. Hi,
    I started developing with spout today but as the documentation is... well... I have a few questions:
    1. How can I give to and run custom java code on the client?
    2. How can I use the MC network stream to transmit custom data?

    This is needed for a plugin which should open a link in the users browser... ;)
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    You have to wait for 1.1.o
  14. Thanks for the fast reply. Will Spout have the possibility to do the things in question 1 and 2 or will it have the possibility to open the users browser then?
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    When I join my server with spoutcraft, it says downloading files 270 and it takes like 5 minutes perfile. Is there a way to not have to download?
  16. Best would be a player avatar editor lol
  17. @Astusvis: Thanks, we would only need 3 then.
    @All: Is this still present in the newest dev build and if so: How is the functions name?
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    Can't wait for someone to make a Planes mod plugin with this :D
  19. Name of project: Spoutcraft
    Project version/build:
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: Login fail, login fail, login fail again.... Since ~315 the client seems to have serious problems to log in. Usually I need 3-6 tries till he logs on. At the same time the vanialla client works flawless. Current version is 345.
    Steps to reproduce: Trying to login

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    Mathew Alden

    Hi. I can't find the original Minecraft water and lava to put in my texture pack. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get them?
  21. Well, we don't need URL clicking, we need URL opening (I think, have to confirm this), so when the server says "open" the client does it without user confirmation.
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    ??? didnt understand the answer, but anyway, i think there should be a way so that spout could handle mods, like opening them in another folder, for sp or server managment, like the x-ray mod, to have always light, find quickly ores for your clients or simply messing around, like, wouldnt it be unconfortable for your clients to renunce to all their mods, and use spout? i know its opcional, but if they want to hear/see things i do, i would like them to have the modded client, but still, they would want the mods, and i find that a great problem, i am no programer, maybe in the future, but i know you can develope it :)
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    Are client mods supported by this?
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    how do I edit the launcher_cache? I was able to change the picture but now it keeps regenerating a new one every time I change it. Would like to have an option maybe to be able to change it -_-
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    Launcher and client customization/branding is planned.

    We are not going to add any x-ray mod to Spoutcraft nor other similar client mods.
    Mods can use our client API once it is released to make addons for Spoutcraft.

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    Quick Question. I'm starting a server. I installed Spout in my plugins and Spoutcraft (the manual class file installation), but I can't hear anything in single or multiplayer.I deleted the Mojang files in META-INF folder and renamed the unarchived minecraft.jar to minecraft.jar. And yes, I did turn my sound on. Please Help

    Btw: Spout is definitely the coolest thing to happen to minecraft since Beta.
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    excuse me, i am new at this. Does that mean that spoutcraft, will later be able to share space with other mods, like if i had spoutcraft, but i have my singleplayer world, and i want a mod i could use it without crashing?
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    You could use Spoutcraft addons/mods. Not normal mods that you use right now.
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    I can't get a GUI plugin work on Mac my friends have the gui (they are on Windows) but when I press a key (TAB for Spout Essentials) nothing happen. Can I get some help. Oh and still crashing after 5 minutes of use. Excuse my poor english :S
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    I have some plugin that automatically creates it every time I delete it, so I don't really have much of a choice, if that's the issue... Im using the lastest recommended build of Bukkit and and only recommended download of Spout I could find. If it means anything, Im on a mac.
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    @Wulfspider - I have Spout Server installed and working perfect. The majority of users who download and install Spout Client - also have no problem. ..... however there are a few users that are 'trying' to use Spout but it crashes them after 5 minutes or so of gameplay.

    One user stated that there is a memory leak inherent within Spout Client which is causing the crashes..... is this true?

    As a Server Admin, I really dislike pushing products that crash my users. Thanks.

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