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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Guess I missed the post that minimap will now longer be added. That is tho one thing I have been waiting for to completely switch to spout. If that is the case then I may just have to stop with spout and just play the normal way as there is no telling when someone will make a spout minimap. Though I do note that ZanMinimap class is still in spoutcraft.
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    There may have been plans at one time, but I think we are keeping Spoutcraft to core elements and the client addon/plugin API would allow for things such as the mini-map once it's available.
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    Thanks for the reply! That I am ok with. Just thought I would point it out. I'd rather have it load everything before throwing me into the server anyways.
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    Can someone explain to me how I use the cape, title, and skin functions?
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    When Spout is enabled, my server restarts every time I connect, or anyone with spoutcraft connects. I'm not the best at this. Any takers? :p Thanks in advance!
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    haha wow, just a heads up macs are more compatible than windows. Also its java, and i got it to work so woot. idk why it was misbehaving but i got it to work smooth.
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    Is it possible to make the launcher an .exe?
    Some of my users have .jar files set to open in winrar... They are stupid.. Damn...
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    And .exe and .app for mac's is planned.

    1.) Install spout plugin on your server
    2.) Find a plugin that changes capes (just search for "cape" in "Get Plugins")
    3.) Run spoutcraft, play!

    We need a lot more info to help you than that. Build numbers, logs, etc. ;)

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    I think theres a possible memory leak in the server jar. When I enable spout it randomly eats up memory and crashes my server. If I have it disabled it, I have no issues at all.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alrite good, just checking, I was using the dev build when playing last and had 0 problems, actually I quite like optifine :D, but I don't really have time to play... tons of homework :(. But I'll report issues if I find any :p

    Marcos Cosmos
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    I just installed spout on my server and it is working great. However, I cannot get the spoutcraft client to run on the same windows 7 computer the server is on. I ran it from command line and did not get any error messages, even though it randomly stops during the update process. The client worked just fine on my linux laptop and the only difference I can think of is the version of java I am running 1.6 on my linux and 1.7 on my windows machine.

    Anyone else having a problem like this?

    Help much appreciated.

    EDIT: I am using the latest recommended builds
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    Does it require spout now? Whenever I start my server without it I get error messages
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    The Spout team has identified a new memory leak in CB 1060 (actually CB 1040+), which Spout may worsen. We've patched things on our end of things, but the Bukkit team needs to push a fix.

    @alta189 is aware of the issue and steps are being taken to fix it.

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    Lunar Delta

    Thanks for answering my question Afforess. ^_^
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    Thank you!
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    So does anyone know why McMMO isn't working with Spout? I asked on the McMMO thread and nobody answered me.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    So far as I know it's to do with the memory leaks. Which seem to also be part of CB 1060, your gonna have to wait till everything is patched up, (use the dev builds of Spout for now, they work a little better) :\

    A general question:
    Has anyone succeeded in using the mob-skinning feature yet? or are the mem leaks setting all of that back? :(
    @Wulfspider (I figure your the mostly likely to know about the available plugins)

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    Is there anything being done about the loading bar just stopping randomly on the launcher? Makes spoutcraft unplayable,
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    We are aware of it and a fix will be coming soonish.

    Can you give us more details?

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    I can't seem to get the GUI changes to show up... what rookie mistake might I be making? Both mcmmo and spoutwallet are doing nothing... Like the client is working great, the plugins are saying they are working perfectly in the logs, but I am not seeing the GUI's.
    I am on cb1000, using spout launcher, and using spout 1.0.2

    ...also I am unsure if this has been reported or not yet, but teleportation seems to crash my client any time I attempt it. I am using the Spout Launcher in conjunction with the spout plugin, and errors do appear on my server log when this happens.
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    I gave more details a few pages back - but switching to the new dev build actually fixed this issue.
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    I may have a similar issue since I am also missing the mcmmo stuff, did you update your client or your server?

    Further issues:
    No sound (when i click to turn sound or music on, it crashes my game)
    ---This is fixed after installing the dev build manually into minecraft!

    Additional Info:
    I am using Mac OS X Lion
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    any one know if spout is finally fixed (as in the crashing every 5 min and when someone joins the host gets kicked)... much appreciated!
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    Did you try the dev build option on the launcher first?
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    It will never be "fixed" as things are constantly being added and improved upon. What build are you using when you get crashing? Are you using the client as well, if so what build of it? Have you tried dev builds of both?
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    I tried the dev build for the launcher and so far nothing works still.

    So far it seems this just doesn't work.. and I hear the same with recent comments. Does spout not work at all right at this moment with even CB1000?
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    Not dev build OF the launcher, dev option ON the launcher that applies to the client itself. Spout should work with 1000+.

    I don't think anyone has released anything with the mob skinning yet. As far as I know it hasn't been completed yet.

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    right now i am testing to see if spout crashes on me so if it dose and continues i am just going to and fix it my self :) . and about the build i was using... idk i don't keep track of that jk (i just forgot long week ya know)
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