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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    An existante API for the launcher ?
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    How can I deactivate kicking by moving to fast?
    because spout kicks players if they warp or go to their home place - what have I to do?
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    Here is rusification for minecraft, can you add it to spoutcraft plz.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hehe, I just asked about that myself, turns out they added a feature so that servers can prevent players using "visual cheats" to do things like get their co-ordinates rather than build a map etc. So I asked about it and @Afforess said that they intended for visual cheats to be on by default for the clients and then disabled if a spout server's settings have visual cheats disabled.. BUT it was accidentally inverted so that visual cheats are off unless enabled by a spout server. SpoutDev also said that they would fix it. So you'll be able to see co-ords in one of the next builds :D
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    this is where i heard of a plugin that sends the in the config defined mods to the clients upon joining.
    only problem: i forgot the name. so my question is, do you know the name of that plugin?

    sorry for going off-topic but i really want to know :s
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    Marcos Cosmos

    ... "rusification?" what are you asking them to add? :eek:

    I mean, what IS rusification?

    I Are Confused,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    What that looks like is a remapping of what key is what rendered charecter only seemingly adding 4 emoticons...
    I think having emoticons in chat would be cool but this method is not going to work, it's a ton more effort trying to translate which is another thing we're going to try and do.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well... that's not really possible as things are right now, the closest thing to that is Spout.

    The next closest thing is ItemCraft. But that doesn't send anything upon joining. All clients need to manually install an ItemCraft version of the mods so they can be used on bukkit servers which have another ItemCraft version of the mod. It's also rather glitchy because it's basically SP mods that are "ported" to ItemCraft. And since SP mods are glitchier than bukkit plugins on SP. On bukkit.. well it's a little unpredictable. Which is why only some SP mods can be used in ItemCraft... It's rather complex for all parties x.x

    Oh I see... character remapping, to replace some existing character's with emoticons... messy :eek:.. or does it replace strings of characters? (or is that what you meant by translation? :D)

    Oh speaking of translation... @Keyle is working on a plugin for language translations.. I think (but am not exactly sure) it's intended to be based on communal translations.. SpeechCraft... Hang on I'll go look at the convo...


    English seems to be his second language, and me being a grammar nazi it makes it a little hard to Exactly interpret sometimes.. but yeah. :)

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    the name is Pogic :)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Did a search on the plugin list "no results found" :\
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    Can I modify the launcher?
    If yes, how to ?
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    Here: Pogic
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    This happend to me, the changelog isn't updated but click the download newest version or w/e the one that says 134, and it should fix your problem, it did mine. Also to see if they are different when you go into winscp or w/e you use, look at the size difference if the new one is the same size then dont bother just wait for an updated version.
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    Same question, so we could have custom clients for a server, with the look of a server, and the news pulled from the server's feed, while still giving credit to Spoutcraft :)
    ( I'm guessing this kind of feature would break after every update, unless we could be allowed to change the update place, which could come in handy )

    Yep, this kind of feature would be brilliant for server owners :)
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    Name of project: Spout
    Project version/build:
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: We are having an issue where it seems that chunks just go "dead." What I mean is that plugins just stop working in those chunks. This effects mcMMO, ChestShop, and LWC. For example when there is a effected chunks, chest protections will not work, or anvils if you place them down, but if you walk onto the next chunk on the map everything is working fine.
    Steps to reproduce: Seems to happen at random.
    Link to error log: n/a
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    yeah it seems the spout team have there own verson numbering that bears very little use to us admins 1.0.2. appears to be the visable verson that incorporated all versions untill they decide that it needs to be raised
    an EXTREMELY annoying approach and wierd..i mean comeon whats the point of having so many sections of the version code it it means jack? its like if mincraft droped the _1 _2 _3 etc
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    Don't know if this is spoutEssentials, or Spout, but when I assign a texture pack to a world, my clients start getting short pauses every once in a while. As long as the texture pack isn't set, they don't get the pauses... The texture pack loads up just fine, but the pauses are irritating.
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    Lunar Delta

    So, is the mip-mapping issue on the table for being fixed yet?

    I am going to start asking this every day until I either get a straight answer it I find that it is fixed. This is the fourth time I've asked; it's kind of ridiculous that nobody will reply.
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    What happens when a player updates the client before that the server is updated?
    Is Spoutcraft able to connect to outdated Bukkit servers?
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    Yeah, good point. If 1.1 offers customisation, will there be a way to allow or disallow automatic client updates ? So that the server owner decides if/when he wants to update to the newest version on his server and for his users.
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    Hi I am getting this error spamming my Spout command window while in game and was wondering if anyone could tell me what might be causing it, ever since Spout updated the other day I have been getting this and getting disconnected
    Received invalid widget: Label v: 4 current v: 3
    Name of project: Spout / Spoutcraft / Spoutcraft Launcher (running all of these, all latest builds)
    Project version/build: 1.0.2. latest RB
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: "Received invalid widget: Label v: 4 current v: 3"
    Steps to reproduce The only changes made in the last few days were Spout updates to the latest RB's
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    One of your spout plugins is using the old widget...
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    @sddddgjd do you mean one of my plugins that use spout needs to be updated?
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    EffectiveArrows is doing this for me.
    I mean, was doing, I deactivated it.
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    Okay thanks! Effective Arrows is running on here so I'll taket out cheers for the help :D

    just a note, spout wallet does the same widget error :D

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    Hey guys.

    Would love that plugin if it would work... I can't log in. Is a Premium Minecraft account nessesary?
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