[DEV/RPG] mmoCore v1.3 - Required for mmoMinecraft plugins [Spout] [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Rycochet, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Now using BukkitDev for releases...
    This thread will remain for discussion only.
    Files also available here.
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    Could you actually make a plugin called mmoMinecraft for people who want all of them? When all of the plugins come out I don't want to have to go through 12 different folders to configure whats basically one plugin. Plus that would make updating them all a lot easier.
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    Hmmm... I never thought of the different currency per nation. That may be a cool concept.
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    Saul R.W

    I must ask considering 1.8 will bring lots of stuff. For the RPG aspect of your plugins will you use the EXP bar the game will have?
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    mmoCore will get a graphical install / upadte / dependancy section for admins - so you'll be able to just go into your server, and tick a couple of boxes for what you want installed - then the current /mmoset command will get a graphical front end too - so you'll be able to change options while running - *and* the plugins will get permission nodes so you can install and test before allowing players to use them...

    This is all in the future though, so might not be for a month or so (at least until we get more plugins actually put together).

    @Saul R.W

    Not sure - I'll have to see what the exp bar is actually like - it's easy enough to duplicate the look of it already, so chances are there'll be an option to disable the built-in exp code and use ours instead.
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    Hello, I have another question about Factions. Sorry to fill up this thread with questions not totally dedicated to the core plugin which Factions is attached to, I just didn't know where else to post. What does this mean?

    "Spawn points and NPC / mob friendliness."

    Factions can mean so much more then what it is on the other Factions plugin, I know that. But could you elaborate a bit more on what this means? Thanks! :p
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    Basically I'm keeping the plugins as small and simple as possible - but making useful API (ie, programmer) stuff in them. That way making changes based on xyz is very easy...

    For the Factions, I'm seeing a "spawn by faction" plugin that would let the admin choose spawn points depending on what faction players are in. We've got a Damage interface to make life easier for us, and it would be simple to add control over that too - so an "Undead" faction could be ignored by Skeletons and attacked by human NPCs, and have it the opposite way around for a living faction...

    Don't worry about filling this up with questions - they help with ideas on what to do ;-)
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    It's already part of the plan - but got a while to go before getting there...
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    Any knowledge about when all the mods will be complete? I understand that there is a lot of coding. and Also that this has only been indev for 1 month. Also...

    brings up a gui trade window that allows you to trade with other players

    I would assume that mmoCore will update all the packages for you so you don't have to do anything.

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    Currently the setting for auto-updating each plugin is inside each plugin - the next release will see that inside mmoCore only, which will check for updates to all installed plugins regularly (rather than the on-quit currently used). The future plans include a Spout GUI for choosing/installing/updating all mmoMinecraft plugins inside the game itself (permission based etc).

    There has actually been quite a lot of work going on - but it's pretty much all limited to beta stuff that's not on here. The download server has more plugins (in various states of usefulness), but we're currently all waiting for everything to be updated for 1.8 - with MCP, Bukkit and Spout all needing to be updated before any of these it might be a couple of days.

    Several of the plugins are also waiting for SpoutcraftAPI to be completed (ie, client side blocks etc without having to manually patch for them) - which is several weeks away still.

    As always, if anyone else wants to join up then feel free to join us on irc in #mmoMinecraft (esper.net, same as #bukkit etc) - currently we've got 5 coders - two are helping out on Spout itself too :)
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    Geoff Winans

    Fantastic idea, but sending your drones around to spam others' channels with your IRC channel is not cool.

    Seriously. Don't do this.
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    That's me, and I swear I'm not a drone. I wasn't spamming.
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    @Geoff Winans

    Er... Nothing to do with me, if more people had dedicated IRC clients I'd use an irc: url for the thing, but for anyone else - if you're using the webchat then type "/join #mmoMinecraft" ...
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    Geoff Winans

    Going into a random channel, posting another channel and then leaving is the definition of spam on IRC.
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    Sounds like a mistake to me, let's not get carried away - or spam this topic ;-)
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    Oh, I see what you did there!
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    @Rycochet, what do you think of mmoTrade? think that can be implemented?
    Also mmoEquip, where you have a slot just for equipment at hotkey 0. just so that it doesnt waste any of the other 9 while always having a weapon available for use.
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    Also, think you can also make more mobs (not necessary) or at least be able to restrict certain mobs to certain areas and the ability for a large number of mobs to spawn instead of the limit. The amounts will be in the config file. mmoMobs be the name I suppose? Keep an eye out for more Ideas coming your way. sorry if it makes a little bit too much work. Id help out but I dont know how to program.
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    how about mmoDungeons, like in mmos a instance dungeon, i seen a good plugin called minequest for this, but its a bit limited in some ways...
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    Just updated all the build environment, so there will be new versions of everything out soon.


    mmoDungeon is planned - it will generate Rogue-like dungeons for monster hunting ;-)
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    Nice, was talking more of user made dungeons, that could set up as a instance, or quest.
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    I think there'll be some overlap - the dungeons are meant to be protected from damage (except for certain blocks that might allow it to make things more fun with hidden rooms etc) - and will be able to reset when completed and empty.

    As for instancing - there's a couple of ideas floating around, either writing some packet filtering so you can only see your own party and also filtering monsters so they are each linked to a party for visibility and interaction (if it's even possible to prevent clipping in that situation) - or simply having another world that's "empty" and having the entire dungeon reproduced in it once per party...

    Naturally I prefer the second idea as it makes life a lot simpler ;-)
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    For the growing Minecraft MMO community... HOLY **** WE NEED THIS STUFF! Especially the auction house. That is to die for.
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    Now using BukkitDev for releases...
    This thread will remain for discussion only.
    Files also available here.
  27. Hey there, i've started testing your plugins.
    Most of them already work pretty good :).
    but i got some feature questions about your plugins.

    • will it be possible to create npc enemies? For a example a NPC archer fighting like a skeleton
    • giving an enemy x hp (for boss fights)
    • using skills (like fireballs)
    • dropping defined items
    • define skins for npcs
    • make npc walk along a route
    • make npcs talk if you come next to them or walk into an area, doing an action (pressing a button), changing blocks or killing mobs
    • give npcs names and give them titles like king or archer
    • Shop support would be rly nice
    • How will they look like? will you rly see them? or isit just based on text?

    And two suggestions for new plugins :D

    • like unrivaledneo wrote
    • Creating an area outside the world by teleportation or sth. so that a group can quest with a limited number of players in a party
    • make npcs spawn in defined regions of the dungeon
    • defined pvp areas where users fight against each other
    • define a number of npcs who can fight with you (they could follow the players or just walk along a route)
    Thanks so far
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    I can't get the mod to work, in the server window it says something like this "[SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\mmoCore.jar' in folder 'plugins': java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/getspout/spoutapi/gui/Widget". Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  29. You need the Spout plugin to get it work
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