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    Build [200]
    What is Espo?
    Espo is a API that makes it easier for developers to create Plugins. This is less time consuming method; by easy access. From easy to use methods from a built in Item HashMap, to a bunch of Economy methods to create a Economy System and many more! ESPO is the way to go!​
    How do I use it?
    Just add ESPO to your Build Path and follow these classes begin!​
    Classes to Use (open)

    Classes to Use:
    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String cmdLabel, String[] args) {
    Player player (Player)sender;
    Server server = player.getServer();
    WriteClass.Write("doc.text", "This is a text File! Boo ya!");
    return true;
    As you can see in this I have used my Class "WriteClass" which Writes easy Files in ESPO's API
    Here is Another:
    if (cmdLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("god")){
    sender.sendMessage("God Mode Enabled!");
    } else {
    sender.sendMessage("God Mode Disabled!");
      return true;
    Here I have used the "PlayerClass" Class; which includes the method GodMode from PlayerInfo Class.
    *After you have created your plugin with ESPO, the User must have ESPO as one of their plugins!

    Updates will be based on "Builds", any updates will be posted here, BukkitDev, and or GitHub. Our ChangeLog will keep you knowledgeable on the new adds we have included in ESPO. Users who want to Help out and continue ESPO, Message us for more information on Developing ESPO.​
    Need Help?
    Feel free to Message and or comment on this thread.​
    If you have any Suggestions please Contact us at any time. If there is a Bug in ESPO, please leave a comment below!​
    Build [200]​
    • Added Methods for InetSocketAddress Functions
    • Added subtractExp Method
    • Added Methods for subtractHealth and addHealth
    • Added Vector & Velocity Methods
    • Added Economy HashMap for Developers who want to create a Eco System
    • Added Method for addTotalExperience and Subtract
    • Added Easy File Writer
    • Methods for giveItem
    • World Methods
    • Added Methods for addMoney, subtractMoney, Multiply and Divide
    • Final Build Cleanup
    Build [120]​
    • Added GodMode Method​
    • Easier SetSpawn Method​
    • Added Entity Counter​
    • Added getKills and sendKills methods​
    • Added PlayerInfo Class​
    • Added Counter Class​
    • Updated Build onCommand​
    Build [100]​
    • Public Release​
  2. ...
    int onlinePlayers = getServer().getOnlinePlayers().length;
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    Sorry, let me rephrase that. It is a pain for noobs.
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    1. String msg = "";
    2. for (Player pl : getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
    3. msg+= pl.getName()+" ";
    4. }
    5. p.sendMessage(msg);

  5. And you'll never leave the noob state if you refuse to learn it the right way.
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    You know, what pisses me off is when people bitch about something they don't even need to get?

    Who cares if the user won't improve in the real thing if he uses this?
    To be honest, I'd disagree, because using an rpgmaker, boosted my inspiration, to move onto coding in ruby.
    Surely this doesn't happen to everyone, because people who DO lose motivation just doesn't make plugins anyways.
    So why are we complainig here?

    Its an added "Option" for those who want to try this, and I appreciate that this creator of ESPO has made an new alternative, even though it may not be the best for everyone, it is just an added option.

    I hope this project strives, and sorry for all these people who can't leave an topic alone.
    They are simply Drama-Queens who want to start something.

    ~Edo, Persona
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    Actually 2/3 of my projects are not released.
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    Well may be you should release them instead of being greedy and asking for Money to be developed :)
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    Not everything needs to be released.
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    Sir Savary

    All of you should probably just stop as you've turned this into a troll/flame thread rather than a discussion thread.
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    Not only that, it has shown me some members of the community are just down right mean.
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    Some people just have opinions on things. Maybe it gets taken a little too far at times.
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    Indeed it has gone too far in this case.

    I'd appreciate it if the conversation could stay on topic, and if you are going to present criticism perhaps also offer something to help remedy the problem you have with it?
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    amen. This plugin is for the people that just want to show off to their friends that they can program. Maybe those people don't want to do things right and maybe they are never going to be a programmer. This plugin is for those people.
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    Or maybe they want to just try coding out for experimental reasons e/

    I used an rpgmaker because I wanted to make an game.
    Using RPGMAKER, I clearly saw it wasn't only the coding that made the mod difficulty.
    It was picking the songs, story...

    In this case, the pretty demanding community, and updates.

    I am pretty sure there are other aspects, those are the only two I can think of at this very moment.

    I was using webs, moved on to smfforfree then decided to "Graduate" to SMF and get a .net domain.

    My point is, using the "So called stupid-noob-crap" made me motivated enough to move onto the nonnoobie stuff.
  16. But this is something different. An RPG maker can be seen as an very advanced IDE. It doesn't teach you wrong things. ESPO on the other hand confuses noobs cause they will mix up bukkit and ESPO stuff, so if they choose to leave the noob state by learning things the right way they will have to forget almost everything and start by 0.

    As I stated b4: It would be ways better to make tutorials showing how to make the things ESPO does with the bukkit API.

    BTW: If I'm wrong, why did the OP remove the Item.getMaterial() thing from the examples instead of proving I'm wrong?
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    It doesn't matter if it is wrong.
    It is just another option.

    Also, maybe the OP felt the need to change it.

    My point is, if your criticism isn't going to be creative, then don't criticize at all.
  18. Some people don't understand what criticism is (good for).
    Surely it matters if it's wrong because noobs will learn things wrong cause of it! That means they can loose their motivation to make plugins cause they think "what? I learned ESPO that long and now I should start from scratch again?"... And that's only one thing of the story. Another one is that ESPO powered plugins may not be installed on servers cause admins think "What? A dependency to an API called ESPO? I don't want this!" - and the programmers will loose their motivation cause they don't get the download counts they would get if they didn't use ESPO.

    But this was my last post in this thread, I mean how can I have my own view of things? I'm sorry, I will never do it again..

    //EDIT: BTW: Surely the op feel the need to change it if somebody posts out that it's nothing more than
    public static Item = Material;
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    No actually, you threw off a few points.
    I am actually rethinking this.

    You are not being a troll like some other issues, as you brought some good points, some hell, I didn't even think of.
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    Because I updated the new build, And I have a Better Example
  21. @EspoDev: But the Item class still exists. I just had a look at it and, well, it's even more worse then a simple
    public static Items = Material;
    In fact Material allows to handle an ID or a String to it, while Items only allows a String. Also Items is using other Strings than Material, which means it will confuse new developers even more. And the worst thing of all: You save them in a static HashMap, while two arrays (with the same indexing method) would be faster + save RAM (it's a raw type HashMap, btw, which means it will eat up even more RAM!). Also static is bad, cause it won't be garbage collected after a /reload. And last: Why is everything in that class public? That destroys the API a bit, cause a bad plugin could destroy important things and as such render the API useless.

    Now that I saw some sources my opinion of ESPO is even more worse.
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    Ok thanks, but if you were to make this better, Forget the HashMap, What would you do.
  23. Use a fixed sized private array...? <.<
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    New Build :)
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    You know what, I think ima make test plugin with this and maybe release it :)

    No offence, but this is harder than the normal API..
    And stuff isn’t working correctly either.
    No documentations, no declarations/statements. And there should be a bug tracker, there aren’t even a BukkitDev page, man.. You got to get your ass up and start working properly with this if you want it to get something.

    EDIT by Moderator: merged posts, please use the edit button instead of double posting.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2016
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    What wasnt working?
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    Sorry, but I really don't know what a build path is, anyone willing to explain?
  28. @The_Fallen: Go learn java basics, then learn the bukkit API. Just forget about Espo...
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    Dont say that, he may be interested. No need to bring people away from MY work.
  30. I agree people should start at the basics (and I for the record am quite new to developing myself and have started with plain ol' bukkit.) However, I find nothing wrong in any form of programming with being lazy. Saying "Pretty much every method you have right now can be done with only a few lines of code using Bukkit" probably holds true, however a main cornerstone of OOP is the fact that you can create methods to shorten the time it would take to "hard code" something that would have the same result. Even if it's simply turning three lines of code into one, I see no problem with doing so. Just my opinion.
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  31. The problem is most of the functions are one-line wrappers. One example:
    Bukkit: player.getName();
    ESPO: PlayerClass.getName(player); or (does in code exactly the same): PlayerClass.playerName(player);
    A funny side node: ESPOs functions have the return type void, so they aren't even working. :D
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