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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    @Afforess I am having another issue. If I update the cloak file and set the cloak again, the cloak does not change. I even had it reset all cloaks.
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    So if a plugin uses this mod we need the server version? Is that right?
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    So, do you need BukkitContrib SP installed for skins and stuff to work?
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    was on during the last 30 minutes of the old map, but that's it so far. Free time = 0, thanks to this project, and others. ;)

    Perhaps I can get some time on Friday.

    Minecraft checks the old url against the new url, not the old file against the new file (for bandwidth reasons, I assume). You need to reset the player cloak, then set it again if you are changing the file but using the same URL.

    The plugin is for servers, and is just an interface for other plugins. Simply put, it helps do the heavy lifting for other plugins.

    The client mod is optional. If you don't have it though, you will not see any custom cloaks, skins, or titles, or other changes.

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    stop hi-jacking :p

    In regards to that Afforess ... "God"? ;)
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    I have tried this. I used your reset and changing the URL and then changing it back...
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    Jan Tojnar

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    Leftover test code, I promise! ;)

    Hmm. Okay, I'll look into this then.

    Good idea. It's long term, but I'll look into it.

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    @Afforess :
    Uhm, I was testing this out with the player crafting table and I don't think the crafting table inventory and player inventory are the same. When I tried with onInventoryClick and clicked on the crafting table result slot it gave me the index 0 and when I tested with event.getInventory().getItem(0) it gave me the item in my quick slot on the very left.
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    Correct. 0 is the quick slot.

    The crafting table is not even included in standard bukkit (no way to get it without lots of net.minecraft code) With BukkitContrib check if the inventory is a CraftingInventory, and you can get the crafting slots from it.
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    So it is possible with BukkitContrib ?
    Do you think you can show me how to get the inventory for the workbench ?
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    The inventory for a workbench is only available when a player is using it (e.g Inventory Open, Close, Click, or Craft). There are no other ways to get to it.

    Check that getInventory() on any of those events instance of CraftingInventory.

    public void onInventoryOpen(InventoryOpenEvent event) {
        if (event.getInventory() instanceof CraftingInventory()) {
            CraftingInventory crafting = (CraftingInventory)event.getInventory();
            //player crafting table matrix size = 4, workbench = 9
            if (crafting.getMatrix().length == 9) {
                 //do stuff
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    What does this do in nubbish terms :D. Does it make your server less laggy?
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    Do to your server? Nothing. Nothing at all.
    What does it do to your client? Again, Nothing.

    HOWEVER, it allows other plugins to do previously impossible things. BukkitContrib alone does nothing at all. With other plugins, it opens up a world of opportunities. No harm, only features. ;)
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    So what this plugin does is... nothing? It doesn't make the server less laggy? What can my plugins do with this :)
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    With BukkitContrib, other plugins can change your skin, cloak, title, detect key presses (outside of chat), and other various tasks. No, this plugin does not make your server less laggy. It doesn't make it laggier either.
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    Are you sure onInventoryOpen works correctly ? I tried printing something out(nothing in the method but a print) and nothing happened, onInventoryClose works though so it's not the way I'm registering the events
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    Ohhh my god... so you can change skins without going on the website? :D
    And doesn't make server laggy :D :D
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    Yep. A plugin already lets you change skins/cloaks mid game with BukkitContrib (CapeMe) and NameAWolf allows you to set names over wolf's heads (like player names work).

    Awesome, no?
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    Awesome, YES :D
    This is awesome :). If I had a credit card, I would donate like 1 dollar :D
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    Should definitely be working.

    (Note: The client sends no inventory open packet. Instead, it occurs on the first click inside a new inventory window. If no clicks are made - no open inventory event).
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    Is there any skin plugins yet?
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    BukkitContrib Alpha 0.0.5 is up!

    Good News:
    I fixed all of the known bugs in 0.0.4
    Can Hide player titles completely
    Skins/Cloaks update correctly when the URL data changes
    Active player shows correct Skin/Cloak
    New Event: BukkitContribSPEnable, used to detect when a player's BukkitContrib SP mod enables (~2-3 ticks after onPlayerJoin. Use for items that must be run AFTER BukkitContribSP is working)
    Fixed missing chat messages

    Bad News:
    0.0.4 is not compatible with 0.0.5
    Anyone with 0.0.5 that attempts to log on to a server with 0.0.4 will be kicked, and vice versa
    (This is the only time this will happen - I had to rewrite the packet protocol. Future versions will remain backward compatible).

    None yet.

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    What kind of plugin are you looking for?

    Thanks! Very good job, did you see Cape Me?

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    I did. Nice work! ;)
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    You should update your title. =P lol
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    I've searched for info on this but can't seem to find anything. What is CapeMe and where can I get it?
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