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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Sorry to bug you again :3 I feel like I'm missing an obvious piece of information. Where should I go to get the de-obfuscated client code for specific bits of minecraft? I'd rather need to know how it works internally to be of any help at all.
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    Ah, it was something simple. Thankyou very much!

    Making some interesting headway. Mostly putting it down in notes, then onto code when I know what im doing more :)
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    It's the only version compatible with this version of Player Editor, as far as i know.
    I really don't have a choice until Player Editor is updated.

    The method changes in 0.1.3, i'm guessing, caused it to lose access to the hooks it used... Because all functionality from that version and up is gone...
    It's not BukkitContrib that's causing the problem... I'm just stuck using a given version until PE is updated. That's all.
    No worries. :p

    Though, odd thing is, if that were the case, then Player Editor should be throwing errors. Correct? But it isn't.
    So i have no idea what's up with it and the past two versions of BC.
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    Im actually afraid to use this, what are the chances my computer or server will be trashed as stated on the waiver? =/
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    The same chance that Microsoft or Apple with trash your computer on like they say on their waiver.
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    What happened to the dev site? :O
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    so im guessing really low LOL thanks :)
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    try running the installer on your client again. I ran into this same issue when the server plugin was newer than the client.
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    Any chance we can get the ability to change the time on the notification window? It's so short, it's hard to use it for any meaningful information.
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    It will be online soon. I am currently moving it.
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    Not a massive deal, but it would be great if you included the <mod creator>/conf directory somewhere on github.

    They seem to update the files regularly (like once a day) and they have to be the exact ones that you are using or there will be field/function name mismatches.

    While I am whining :), it is probably worth adding the /target directory to .gitignore, so that using maven to compile the project doesn't generate a git mismatch.

    For those who are interested, this is a rough guide for compiling the sources. However, without the conf directory, it probably won't work for you. The latest MCP conf directory doesn't match the one used for BukkitContrib.

    Most of the steps occur in cygwin, but the decompile step has to be done from the windows command prompt. I was going to submit it as an INSTALL file, but I think it is to windows specific.

    ### Requirements ###
    Java Development kit, git and maven3 must be installed and functional.
    You must have the directories and PATH setup correctly for these programs.
    ### Preliminaries ###
    Create a root directory for the project
    Download Mod Creator Pack 4.3 from and place the zip file in the directory
    Fork the project on github to create a personal copy of the respository
    Download fernflower_0.8.6, it is only in semi-public release.  Search for the filename in Google and you will probably find it.
    Place the Minecraft launcher (Minecraft.exe) in the project root directory
    ### Download Bukkit Contrib Source Files ###
    From the project root directory enter,
    git clone [email protected]:<your github user name>/BukkitContrib.git
    ### Decompress Mod Creator Pack ###
    mkdir mcp
    cd mcp
    unzip ../
    cd ..
    ### Fernflower Decompiler Setup ###
    cd mcp/runtime/bin
    unzip ../../../
    cd ../../../
    ### Client Files ###
    Copy the bin directory from %APPDATA%/.minecraft into mcp/jars
    ### Decompile ###
    cd mcp
    Note: this doesn't work with cygwin, you have to run decompile.bat from DOS
    cd ..
    ### Compile Server ###
    cd BukkitContrib
    mvn package
    This will create a .jar file in BukkitContrib/target
    Copy this file into the plugins directory.
    Note: BukkitContrib auto-updates, so you need to re-copy it every time you restart the server.  You should create a script which copies (and maybe compiles too).
    ### Compile Client ###
    From the project root directory, enter
    Do once,
    mkdir .minecraft
    mkdir .minecraft/bin
    Create a script for this:
      cp BukkitContrib/MCP\ src/*.java mcp/src/minecraft/net/minecraft/src
      cp -r BukkitContrib/MCP\ src/com mcp/src/minecraft/
      cp -r BukkitContrib/MCP\ src/org mcp/src/minecraft/
      pushd mcp
      echo "   " | ./recompile.bat
      echo "   " | ./reobfuscate.bat
      cp -r mcp/jars/bin .minecraft
      pushd mcp/reobf/minecraft/
      zip -u ../../../.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar * */* */*/* */*/*/* */*/*/*/* */*/*/*/*/*
      zip ../../../.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar -d "META-INF/*"
    This will compile the client and then merge the changes into your version.
    ### Start Client ###
    Create a batch file with
      set APPDATA=%cd%
    Execute batch file
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    toomanyitems is incompatible, along with a few others. don't worry though, a solution is in the works!
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    after updating to BC .1.5 my server now seems to be burning up memory. Before it only used about 250-200MB of memory, now it starts there and steadily climbs till i have to shut it down because it reached 1GB and is lagging so bad it isn't funny. RB 953 BC .1.5 system: 3Ghz dual core, 4GB of memory. never had any trouble bfore .1.5

    EDIT: Looking further, as soon as someone joins the server my CPU usage skyrocets from 5-6% to 40-50%. something isn't right here.
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    What exactly is not working for you?
    I'm using the latest versions of Player Editor / BukkitContrib and skins, capes and titles are working for me.

    P.S.: I'm using SQLite for PE.
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    This'll help me a ton for when my code is close enough to need testing! (Boy is that a lot to compile! I'm used to make && make install! )

    A small update, I've got a fair way into the client end of the block/tool edits
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    Player Editor doesn't have to be updated, its still works, no API breaks
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    The plugin is easy, it's just "mvn package" (well once you have maven set up).

    The problem with the client is that it is inherently a pretty involved process. The .jar file has to be decompiled, all names in the source have to be mapped and for compiling, all the name mappings have to be reversed. Also, my method may not be the most efficient.
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    Aye, without my IDE even playing nice, I'm having a hell of a time! I'm glad I learned java in VI first... It's a load off my mind.

    My edits are nearly complete, I think. I've only got to get all this to compile, then test it all!
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    Good news, I identified and fixed the performance issue with the plugin. 0.1.6 will be out this evening.
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    Hello, your plugin is great but I have a big big problems, at every reload or reboot, all inventories of all the players are lost!
    I tested with and without your plugin and it is good to him, I tried installing the modclient and the concern is still there.

    What to do please? I would love to use your plugin is great.
    Here are my plugins: DiscoSheep, SkyPirates, VoxelSniper, RetractableBridge,BoosterTrax, LWC, MagicCarpet, FalseBookExtra, PermissionsPlus, Essentials,Minequery, Fabulous, uQuest, FalseBookChat, MusicCraft, logBlock, PhatLoots,BedrockControl, MonsterHunt, FalseBookCart, WorldGuard, BOSEconomy, MicroMinecart Starter, Residence, WorldEd, Permissions, PluginControl, StopFireSpread,vStopFire, BananaChunk, SimpleSkylands, FalseBookCore, FalseBookBlock,SignColours, Bedrock, AntiHack, NarrowtuxLib, Showcase, xauth, BorderGuard,TeleSign, CustomCrafting, Lockett, DungeonReward, Backup, SpawnControl,mobSpawner, HeroicDeath, BukkitContrib, BananaPortal, trampoline, Multiverse,SpawnMob, BetterShop, Helios, iChat, AutoMessage, Turnstile, PhysicalShop,MotherNature, Elevators, BlastControl, milkAdmin, NaturalGiants, sortal,FalseBookIC, Weatherman, FoundDiamonds, WirelessRedstone, RedstoneEffects,iZone, MinecartManiaCore, LazyRoad, nextstate, BookWorm, Factions

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    BukkitContrib does not edit player's inventories. I suggest you look at other plugins. BukkitContrib is not at fault.
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    Okay, thank you for your reply;)

    But parcontre this bug is very strange indeed: /

    You did not receive other messages in this topic?
    Have not you an idea of ​​the plugin at fault?
    Thank you very much in advance! :)
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    No idea on the plugin - you're using a lot.

    I suggest you do a binary search - that is, remove half your plugins and try to duplicate the bug. If you don't see the problem, switch to the other half of the plugins. If you do still see the problem, cut the plugins in half again, and repeat until you narrow down which plugin is the cause.
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    I don't know if this is related to the plugin, but before bukkitcontrib (953) I had 40% cpu usage on one core with craftbukkit... after, 40% cpu usage on one core, 30% on a different core (thinking it was bukkitcontrib)... Now with CB #1000 I see 70%cpu usage on one core, and practically nothing on the other cores. The only change was CB#1000 from CB#953.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'll make them last longer for custom notifications. Next protocol change (0.2) I will add customizable lengths.

    I did find a medium size slowdown that's been in BukkitContrib that would slow things down by ~25% vanilla. A fix will be out this evening.

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    thanks for update!:)

    I have a question.

    When will you support modloadermp?:p
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    I've just found and fixed support for older BukkitContrib clients connecting to the latest server.

    As I said, it was a bug. ;)

    Read the OP.

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    Can you add config option to disable F3 info removal? Those coordinates are vital for me.

    Also another thing, that might be workaround until we get real custom blocks: ability to set custom textures to specific block. For example i give dirt block at 10,20,40 different texture, while all other dirt blocks keep theirs.
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