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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Thank you for your reply but, supposedly, Contrib has that, BCMusic, and I want to use this one to do this.
    How? PLEASE?
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    Import it into your build path (just like you do for Bukkit).

    Cast players and block to ContribPlayers or ContribBlocks to get access to their API.

    Use the static BukkitContrib. instance to get access to the managers.
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    This is not something you should be looking at if you're not developing a plugin.
    BCmusic as well as my own MineDJ both use BukkitContrib to play custom music.
    BukkitContrib on its own does nothing for the server.
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    ah ok, i sense alot of work then. thanks for the reply.
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    Again, I thank you for your fast reply.
    That's right, I'm not developing a plugin.
    So, for you to help me, just say to me what do I have to do to put a background music in my server for everybody listen, while playing. That's it. Is that complicated for me to do, I'm a noob, you know...
    I thought BCMusic was for that.
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    Is the bug where the server crashes when hp goes over (what seems to be around 250~255) a bug on bukkitcontrib or just minecraft in general?
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    the client side mod seems to be incompatible with the hd texture fix
    this was not the case in 0.0.8, though im not sure what class file is the issue here
    adding the hdtexture after the client side mod seems to work as a temp fix.
    anything important in BC's client side mod that's being overwritten by doing this?
    of all the mods to break this is one of the most fundamental and widespread ones.
    if nothing important is overwritten and no important functionality lost maybe note the temp fix?
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    Will there ever be support for ModLoaderMP for Bukkit (Link). It would be awesome if you teamed up with him to allow for many more client sided server mods.
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    You need 3 things and everyone on your server needs the client mod.

    You need BukkitContrib for server in your plugins folder.
    You need the client mod.
    BCmusic hasn't updated for this yet (I think) so you can try MineDJ for now and switch over later.

    I think this appeared with range: 36 before as well.
    java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 1
            at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source)
            at ChatManager.onChatKeyTyped(
            at gc.a(
            at da.g(SourceFile:134)
            at da.e(SourceFile:112)
            at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1299)
            at Source)
    And another one
    java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1
            at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source)
            at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source)
            at ChatManager.onChatKeyTyped(
            at gc.a(
            at da.g(SourceFile:134)
            at da.e(SourceFile:112)
            at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1299)
            at Source)
  11. @Afforess It seems that if i try to delete any text im typing ingame crashes the client completely, even with only BukkitContrib mod installed it does this. making it impossible to use chat if you mistype anything

    I would give you the error, but the client closes before i can even read it :(
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    When using mutliverse, if you go to a different world it crashes the client.
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    Ok, 3 things:
    BukkitContrib, I've got it!
    BukkitContrib client mod, I've got it!
    MineDJ, I'm gonna get that and switch over later!
    Thanks again. I'll try.
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    0.2 is GUI now?
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    Please support AuthMe
    Please add check Xray
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    wenn i install BC with the autoinstallator (i dont' test manual instalation)
    sometimes my minecraft client crash and close!!!


    With AUTOINSTALATOR AND the manual install... the client crash and quit sometimes !!
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    @Afforess I am still getting this damn error. Just to test, I typed a bunch of nonsense and kept deleting it and.. black screen.
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    all of the Bc plugin don't work for me.....
  21. Hello, Afforess, again..
    I've reported Contrib + AuthDB (xAuth) uncompatibility (you're not able see skins and stuff). I hope you remember. Right now - I realized, it's not problem with packet sending (as you thought), it's done by isEnabledBukkitContribSinglePlayerMod() <- which is returning false always. (You have to relog, to set session in Auth plugin, then it's returning real value)
    I hope, this will help you with solving :(
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    Now, when I patch my game manually (because the installer is, I am sorry to say it, shit) I welcomed with a black screen, and it is not moving further into the menu screen. Any suggestions?
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    for instal BC with the autoinstalator, you must close your minecraft client
  24. Found out what makes BukkitContrib client mod crash: if you hold down backspace (or delete for that matter) it crashes your client, but if you just singleclick the buttons it doesn't
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    where can I find earlier version? 0.0.8

    I ddont use cb 953. lol
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    Can someone post a working link to download the files for the Client mod? The link in the OP doesn't work, and the link to the auto installer works, but the auto installer it self doesn't work.
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    I cant install the mod with the installer because the jar files on my pc are executed by ovi suite program and i can't change it. Please Anybody can upload his minecraft.jar with the mod installer? Thanks.
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    Quick solution, or possible workaround... I also use xAuth, add an exception to the commands list in the config...
    first, you might need to download a plugin that lets you see what commands its running though. PlgLogCmd works great for that.
    See if that makes a difference, at least temporarily.
    i can't say if it works for me precisely, because Player Editor isn't compatible with GroupManager... But it works with the worldedit's CUI and BukkitContrib's update checker.

    Of course you can. Set it to open with another app... winzip, or something along those lines. :p
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    Can you change the way items are labeled with custom names a bit?
    Because I want to add more arrowtypes to a plugin and they will be identified by the data-value.
    Let's say, a Fire-Arrow is ID 1
    So I do
    BukkitContrib.getItemManager().setItemName(Material.ARROW, 1, "Fire Arrow");
    The problem is, that I can't see custom names for items that aren't identified by data-value by default.
    I can only change the name for the whole item, as like I renamed the arrow to "foo".
    Can you add this refinement?
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    Can you use custom texturepacks for your server with this? And if how would that work, do you have to download it manual or does it download auto?
    PS. Sorry if I sound so dumb!!
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    HI this is a API so you would need ethier to make the plugin to send the texture pack from the sever using bukkitcontrib or post a Request in the plugins request forum for a Dev to make 1
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