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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    This is what I've been waiting for! Now you can easily make shops and/or trade systems, I already have a system worked out on paper but I couldn't execute it because the events where not hooked! Now I think I have everything to start! Thanks!
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    The next feature I will be working on is adding keypress events. When a player presses WASD, or any keyboard key, special events will be created. As for how, I'm waiting for MC 1.6 to become stable before diving in.
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    Definitely don't want to re-invent the wheel - however we're trying to keep Heroes as slim as possible at the moment. Requiring dependents isnt what we want at the moment.
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    mmKay, your decision after all. ;)
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    Yeah - well when push comes to shove - we'll see what goes down ;)
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    Seeing as the other two have replied :p

    Ofc... So why did you?

    No point including your plugin as a dependency when we'll only be using one aspect of it which we already have.
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    BukkitContrib did not re-invent the wheel, there was no plugin before it that provided a solid inventory solution.

    The problem is that if every plugin replaces the net server handler to handle the inventory itself, eventually the plugins will conflict, and fight each other for control. Instead of reaching that problem in the future (a future I think was possibly only a few weeks away, Heroes is not the only plugin to do that trick...), a universal library that everyone uses would end the pointless competition.

    By not using BukkitContrib, you have limited your server to avoiding all plugins that do use BukkitContrib, or at the very least, miss out on the features it may offer. I suspect that as I add more utilities and features, that list will grow. Ultimately, it is your choice, but I think your fear on dependencies is not thought out. I have no plans on abandoning modding, and have been a Minecraft modder since before the Halloween update. Can you say the same?

    Also, it's worth pointing out that I'm planning on adding key press events (via an optional client mod). Isn't that an ideal solution for all of the Heroes spells?
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    The following are my views and opinions on things rather than those of the Heroes developers.
    Just because a plugin didn't exist which provided the functionality doesn't mean you didn't reinvent it...

    Seeing as we're on the theme of inventing the wheel... I'll explain as such...

    The wheel was already invented... it just wasn't made public and perhaps lacked the proper treads etc ;)... You took that altered it then released it as a separate component...

    But hey, in proper terms... The inventory hooks were already in production and not far off complete... you took those fixed them up altered them and then released it as a plugin... So you took what already existed and released it... In my eyes you reinvented the wheel just as much as we are within Heroes.

    Waste of time we mentioning that as you already know how I feel about the whole inventory stuff... We've had a discussion already.

    There is no competition :confused:, not to mention plugins are already altering the NSH for other things and not just the Inventory hooks... do you hope to accommodate every single thing? We only require this one thing which we were already providing ourselves before BukkitContrib came about.

    What plugins are using it currently??? I've seen some good responses stating people may use it but none of the big plugins require any use of it. Heroes doesn't require BukkitContrib because the things you are supplying we already have and not to mention will become widely available by Bukkit shortish.

    Wouldn't say I fear dependencies... We started off wanting to be lightweight and not having to rely on other plugins... So we're sticking to it... Why should we change our mind now because you've decided to release a plugin which provides the same functionality ours is already providing for itself?

    Because this is relevant? If you really must know... I started with Bukkit in December/January mainly pissing around making myself plugins for my own server.


    Lastly... If it turns out that for any reason the Inventory Hooks will not make it into Bukkit before Heroes makes it to public release then we will add in the functionality to support Bukkit Contrib... If we did it would be a soft dependency.
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    Sure, whatever, the term doesn't really matter. I'll agree out of the lack of need to argue minutia.

    Hmm... I'm afraid your statement's conflict.

    1.) There is no competition
    2.) plugins are already altering the NSH

    Which is it?

    LogBlock and InvScanner use BukkitContrib already, with several other plugins planning too.

    Anyway, if you believe EvilSeph & gang on any of their timelines, you are a fool. Bukkit development (for better or for worse) takes about 5x longer than they say it will. I do not expect them to have anything usable until November's official release, and it will likely be a cut-and-paste of my code, with some modifications for transaction tracking. Additionally, Inventory events is not the only feature BukkitContrib will provide, just the most key one ATM. It's intention is to be a widely-used plugin library to lessen code duplication and make development easier.

    I'm never said you had to use it. Just that over time, it will become more of a problem. If you want to play Brinksmanship with your plugins, who am I to argue?
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    Well in that case I misunderstood you... I assumed you meant competition between plugin devs and the inventory hooks... rather than Plugins competing for whos NSH is being used.

    In that case I'm a fool.... Helps that I'm in constant talks with them regarding the matters and such and working with them rather than trying to go around them and provide the functionality through a plugin.

    Looks like you've proved me wrong... I thought you were better than that but hey guess not :). The code you based your plugin off of was Celtics work... You made some changes to fix things up and tidy up some things...

    As I said... If it comes to the public release of Heroes and we still don't have proper inventory hooks then we'll allow for BukkitContrib to be a soft dependency...

    Anyways.... grats on the plugin and hopefully it won't turn into another Permissions plugin where it stays around longer than it is needed/required.

    As this is a release thread... feel free to continue the conversation on IRC or PMs. Rather not taint the thread anymore and I'll delete my replies sometime soonish.
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    I hope you are right and I am wrong, but I doubt it.

    Thanks, insults and assumptions are always the way to go when you want to prove moral superiority. Nice. ;)

    I agree 100%. This is just a case of not waiting when I knew I could do it myself with more success.
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    i so love you for this :D
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    Any sort of chest API being added?
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    I'm Not sure what you mean.
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    @Afforess Thanks for the debug message removal and the fix onPlayerInteract
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    This plugin breaks WorldEdit and iZone selection tools.
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    Really, are you sure?
    I don't see a link to the source for iZone, so nothing I can do there. I'll check with WorldEdit, but I have not noticed anything untoward using it with this. By selection tools, you mean the wooden axe cubiod selection?
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    Yes, I've removed it and then the cuboid selection worked. Other issue, with an compass in the inventory, all the tools are used to jump and to go thru the walls.

    ---------------------- WorldEdit thread --------------------------
    Excuse-me for my bad English.
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    I'm not having any problem with worldedit,worldguard and BukkitContrib...
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    I've rechecked and the only solution for having tools working for me is to disable BukkitContrib.

    Excuse-me for my bad English.
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    Yes. I disabled BukkitContrib too. It conflicts with WorldEdit
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    I'm thinking that this suffers from the same issue that our NSH was suffering from - have you had indepth tests on restricting items and it not syncing properly, @Afforess ?
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    Started adding support for BukkitContrib incase servers are using it... that way the plugins dont conflict.

    But yeh we're getting sync issues, onInventoryClick we're checking if the item is an armor piece and the SlotType is armor, if so we check if the user can use the armor or not. If not we cancel/result=deny etc...

    The server sees this fine and acts fine however the client isn't informed of this change. Even a player.updateInventory() doesn't fix this issue... Only a relog does. Pretty sure you mentioned if 'clickSuccessful' was false then the Client is informed of it not being successful and is sent back the inventory contents.

    Anyways looking into other methods atm to keep the client in sync with the server.
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    Are you using openinv? Because I had that problem until I removed openinv.
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    Exact, I'll try.

    Edition: Solved, thanks!
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    No, I expect this is more likely because WorldEdit is doing something with funny Obfuscated code. I just got back from work and have not had a chance to look since my first post this morning.


    It seems OpenInv may be the problem. @fourgotten what plugins are you using?

    I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is already, and it's a negative interaction between something open Inv and BukkitContrib, not the out of sync issue. The out of sync issue is due to bad code in your custom NSH. I'll beat the dead horse, but my NSH is the only custom one that works the way you want flawlessly. You guys could just bundle BC in your Heroes download, I know LogBlock does that.


    I can actually reproduce the OpenInv problem without BukkitContrib at all.

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    So the issue persists despite BukkitContrib is there or not? or am I lost.. hah
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    The issues we're having are with BC, I haven't even bothered to revamp ours and integrate ours back in.

    I'm going along the basis that you claim yours to be the best and such so if yours cant handle the task we wan't it for then ours won't... These are your words though not ours.

    Btw you seem to of combined two replies into one... or misread some posts. As you're mentioning LogBlock/OpenInv along with Heroes...
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    I didnt know there was an Issue with OpenInv - it doesn't matter to me at this point - I just want a working inventory restriction system - but I'm getting mixed responses. In order for Heroes to be 'complete' it MUST have these restrictions - otherwise its only half complete.
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    Yes, I managed to reproduce it. OpenInv is replacing the players inventory with a custom one. For a reason currently unknown to me, the custom inventory is not accurately reporting the inventory contents.
    It's no claim - there simply aren't any out there. When/If you get yours to work, then there will be 2. It's a fact, not a claim.
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