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    This has been superceded!
    do interesting stuff with maps!

    JavaDocs in the zip

    Source in the zip
    How to use:

    This plugin exposes an API for other plugins to use for writing a series of bytes to a map. It's like sk89q's one built into bukkit but easier to use.

    FAQ/Noob Questions:

    Notch only has support for 56 colors, 4 of which are transparent, leaving 52 colors to actually use to make an image. I match them as best as I can.​
    Easter Eggs:
    If you run the jar (by double clicking on it) rather than running it as a plugin a representation of notch, in the colors of the in-game map, will appear on your screen.​

    So does this mean I can have Katy Perry on my minecraft map?



    v1 - 13 July 2011 - released plugin

    v2 - 13 July 2011 - added threading to...everything
    v2.1 - 14 July 2011 - updated color mapping model to a better matching system based on HSB rather than RGB.
    v1.1 - 25 July 2011 - rereleased under a new branch
  2. Sweet, you are amazin' sah! (ma'am?)
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    I do love the doors and possibilities this opens up. I have it installed on my server and am working out how I can use this to make 'virtual' items, hehe. Wish there was a way to override the MAP_# on the top...
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    You can't override it, bu you can use it for scrolls etc. This plugin is only the VERY VERY basics of what you can do.

    If you need any help, let me know, also, more API coming soon ;)
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    Oh! I forgot about that. That's probably the issue. Thanks.
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    CAN YOU PLEASE, PLEAAAAAAASE add permission support. Seriously, no one doesn't use permissions.
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    Which permissions?
    Also: this is just an API really, it's supposed to be a framework for other plugin devs - the features included are just for devs to test things out.
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    The map format has entries for width and height... Does that mean higher resolution maps in the future, or is it something else? Wondering if it's just part of a feature Notch hasn't finished yet.
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    Possibly something notch hasn't. Have you seen the variable level height? Fun fun fun!
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    Which permissions? Eh, this one? And btw, I don't mean to sound like a whining child. I was just pointing out that most people don't use the op system. Also, because I'm using permissions, I can only make the client side map. The /write command does nothing D=
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    Wait just a second.
    Woah there.
    Since when do we have control over Map-Pixels
    I don't even.
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    The resolution of that image is way too high for a map... But you can get quite a bit of info into one if you design it for a small size... Here's the template I just came up with for my server:

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    Very nice. I think I will be doing the same :p
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    Okay, but what about animated GIF 's?
    That would be amazing and add sooo much more that the end will be limitless.

    EDIT: Okay, so I didn't look into the API yet, but does it store the image once it gets it via the url or does it keep checking the url? As so we can have, say, changing info on thus image?
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    I don't know if that's a good idea. I did some testing when 1.6 came out and you saw the rendering clearly, worse than in sk89q's video. However that may be due to the client and my slow computer, since, IIRC, it kept rendering a few frames after I killed the server.
    Also it would be a pretty heavy load on the server.
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    One thing C a n a r y does not have...Which sucks we should have this too

    Edit: sorry C a n a r y turns into hMod if I leave it with out spaces
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    Red Lightning

    Any chance of an update for build 1000? It crashes every time I try and write an image....
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    It works fine for me in build #1000 - what is it you're trying to do?
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    Red Lightning

    EDIT: I got it sorted out, for some reason build #1000 doesn't work for me, but build #1029 does. Great plugin as well.

    I'm just testing out the plugin as I just downloaded it today, and every time I try to write an image on a map the Server crashes with the window saying it stopped responding. No errors on the server are visible. But when I used build #953 as a test, it worked perfectly fine. I have no idea what is going on.
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    This is great !

    I guess maps are protected by the plugin from being overwritten ?
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    That's correct.

    @SpaceManiac has recently reworked the API :) expect an update soon enough

    I'm just working on a couple of plugins using the updated api :D

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    Very nice job :)... One remark, please just rename the jar file "MapApi" and not "MapApi-1.1"... The numbering in the jar filename is very annoying when you later update the version to e.g. 1.2 or similiar. Some people are running some automated update stuff, and suddenly one will have both MapApi-1.1 and MapApi-1.2 running which will probably crash..
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    Alright - I'll take care of this in the next version - glad you like it :D
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    well, I actually liked that way, now I dont have to look into everything to know which version it is ;(
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    Solves your problem (currently only if you run your server local and on windows)

    Sorry for hijacking thread @codename_b, if you don't like me posting this link here in your thread, I'll remove it, and thanks for listening :)..
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    Did you remove the write feature ?
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    Hey codename_b,

    I tried to change the map pixel by pixel, but the server freezes and kicks the client after a view seconds (read time-out) when I send the map-data (async and sync).
    What do you need to say what I did wrong or can you give a simple example how to use it properly.

    Thanks in advance

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