[Deprecated][TP/FUN] SImpleSkylands V1 - Tap into the vast skylands REMAKE [1060]

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    Liam Allan

    "Presenting SimpleSkylands: A plugin for a simple skylands world"
    Haha, Yes this is a remake of SimpleSkylands, It's a good plugin so, Yeah.​
    "SimpleSkylands allows you to create and teleport to a Skylands world (Aether). SimpleSkylands is easy to use, just drag n' drop into your plugin folder, and your done!"​
    That's it really. Something you should note is that the dafault worldname must be:​
    "world" and the map will generate when the server starts.​
    To view the commands in game. The command is "/sl"​
    "/sl go" - Go the the lands above!​
    "/sl back" - Come back to the main world​
    The permission node for these commands is:​
    General release of the plugin!
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    changelog has to show at least 2 versions without a spoiler
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    Liam Allan

    Done :D
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    What's changed? It says "Remake" now.
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    Liam Allan

    The old one was inactive, So I remade it. Meaning it's a 'remake'
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    Liam Allan

    Yes please :D (I know you were not asking)
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    How is it like the aether though
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    Liam Allan

    I doubt it is. I just used a quote from the old plugin post . . .
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    Are you looking for a helper developer

    I could help you make this plugin or just help or something

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    The wording in your post is confusing me a little bit. My main world is named "world." Will this overwrite "world" with a skylands world, or create a new world named something such as "world_sky?"
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    Liam Allan

    just make sure the default world is called world :D
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    I have to say im using this plugin with multiverse and it is truly amazing great job dude absolutely amazing:D. and also i havnt seen any yet but are there diamonds in a skyland world?
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    Liam Allan

    If the map goes down to layer Z:16 then yes :D
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    Sadly I'm getting a internal error when I try /sl back :( oh well it's still a very nice plugin!
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    mayby it's a ide to make a promission for it
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    Can you make this possible?
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    /sl go now send me to enderworld and /sl back dont work anymore (MC 1.0 ;) )
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    Does this still work with 1.0.0 ?
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    can you make it work for 1.0? it might take awhile but i would reallly appreciate it! :D
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    I would be really happy if you could update it to craftbukkit 1.0.1, I would really like to have this on my server but it says
    its not up to date(or something like that)
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    Hey can you add a config file that's easy where it lets so it will delete your inventory or not delete it like
    Inventorydelete: true or false

    Thanks for your time and please add :)
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    Like I said I'm my previous post, your idea doesn't have anything to do with this plugin.
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    Yes actually it does it lets u delete your inventory on "skylands"
    R u kidding me ur truly gonna say this lol xD
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    can you please make a possibility to build a portal to the skylands, that would me awesome
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    When i write the command "/sl go" it just says "An internal error has occured while attempting to perform this command" how come?
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    I can't go in the sky lands. I have super log so the /sl command conflicts with it. Can you fix?
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    Liam Allan

    I don't if you've noticed. But
    Also mean's that it's out of date.
    I don't plan on updating any time soon.
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    Does that mean someone else could take the project up?

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