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    Closed~Dense Fog~Closed

    Plugin category: Fun\Roleplaying

    Suggested name: "Dense low-laying Fog"

    What I want: I'd like to have a Plugin that creates Low laying Fog in valleys and in Oak woods.
    I want to make walking around at night spooky (I could combine it with other scary mods to help with the effects)

    I want it to be pretty dense or at least be able to change how thick it is. It would be nice to be able to make it sort of like a mist or something.

    Using the fog set for render distance would be fine if you set it so that it only lays to a certain hight in valleys or something. And if you where to make it so that it looked more misty. Im not to sure

    Ideas for commands:
    /Fogdense (value) [Sets Fog Density]
    /Fogoff [Turns Fog off]
    /Fogon [Turns Fog on]
    /Fogdrop (Value) [Sets Fog drop off distance]

    Ideas for permissions: I'm not very good at Permissions but something only to Operators. etc etc.

    When I'd like it by: A soon as possible but would prefer at the end of April but if it took longer no harm done.


    Im hoping to have something along this line. Or something as close as you can in Minecraft XD

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    Just warning you, this plugin request is marked as "filled". As it is not filled, I recommend changing it to no prefix. This way developers will know to come and analyze this request.
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    I want it to work for everyone so don't be like that~!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I am actually pretty sure that we can't do this with bukkit
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    Well can you confirm that? Cause if it isn't possible that's sad but I want to make sure that its not
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    We are limited in what we can do with bukkit. Best we can do for this is giving the blindness effect ( didn't realize that when I made the other post )
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    The fog is client-side is it not? Because if you don't have Optifine installed there isn't a way to change the fog. The fog without Optifine is in the render distance. The shorter you have it the closer the fog get's.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    The fog is indeed client side, that is why we can't do any better than potion effects
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    Alright well that makes sence. Thanks anyways
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    Can't you limit the chunks the server sends to the player. So that a player has a view distance with 2 chunks or something?
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    Take all the blocks of a certain distance away, in a sphere.
    Then call sendBlockChange() on the player for all those blocks.
    Make the block that it is sent Stained Grey Glass. The more stained glass that is stacked over another, the more opaque.
    Have fun!

    e1kfws7 Bladerox4 Check above post.

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    That's a good idea, but this just isn't worth time. :p
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    If someone does the hard part, I will gladly help with the aesthetics of needed. Such as a resource pack to make it look smoother, although stained glass would have to be dedicated to the plugin. I can fix random little things. Be specific if this is a little tweak to the server, or is this for a gamemode? If it's a tweak, I can make grey stained glass un-craftable. Also, you could always use a blindness potion effect, with client particle packets being intercepted.

    You know what!
    I have never done an official plugin request before.
    I have decided I will make you the plugin, or at least a prototype. :D
    Then tell me what you think of it, I might publish it.
    Just give me a couple of days, I'm still in High School. :p

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    Good luck.
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    Thnx, but I have decided I'm making my own take on it.
    Maybe a little simpler.

    I am going to make the plugin for you.
    Should take almost no time at all.
    There will be no commands.
    Is a slowly creeping fog at night fine?
    Should it only be in forest? (Are you making a slender server?)
    Should I add ghast screams that sound like real screams that play at a random location around you, say in a 32 block radius, and it does it on a random interval. (And other creepy things, but no promises on this feature!)
    - Blue

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