Deletion of chunks from the map

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by porthos3, Apr 13, 2012.

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    On a similar note to my other question: I would like to be able to completely delete chunks (or larger areas, if necessary) from the server map files, allowing them to regenerate as something new.

    Is chunk deletion supported somehow by bukkit (is this, perhaps, the method unload(int x, int y, boolean save, boolean safe) in bukkit?) or would I have to look into interpreting/editing the minecraft map files if I were to attempt to do that?
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    I'm curious about this, I'd like to delete chunks from a map using a plugin. WorldEdit used to generate a shell script that would do it, but that's since expired.
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    well unloading doesnt actually order to actually make sure its gone and never comes back i think you have to set each block to air...though i cant see why u'd want that it wouldnt b that complex of a plugin
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