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    And local is defined by? A world guard region? Distance?

    When are prefixes coming ?
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    Local is defined by distance only. You can change the distance that the Local channel reaches in the config file.

    Prefixes currently work, but require the Essentials plugin as well. Full support without Essentials should be included in v0.6 or later.
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    So i have this plugin installed and it works great for my admins but i can't get my players to switch channels without it saying they don't have permissions. iv looked all over the page and can't find the Permissions node? Am i missing something else?
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    If you look at the plugin.yml file (you can extract it from the jar or find it in the source on github), you can see all the permissions.

    Unfortunately, I had neglected to make a normal user default to the whisper.user permission group, so they have no permissions whatsoever. This will be fixed in the next update (hopefully in just a couple hours), but you can edit your permissions file to include the whisper.user permissions (or whatever combination of permissions you want for your users) in the meantime.
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    That would be amazing if you cant release that soon i love this plugin and it really helps my Rp server.
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    Alright so I like this plugin a lot, but it doesn't seem to have one function that it should have. You should add option to separate worlds chats. If it is enabled you can only talk to the people in the world your in unless they are apart of a private channel. Is there anyway to do this already?

    Well if not, it would be great if you had full multiworld support.
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    Yep, this is supported with the "set" command. Type "/w set <channelName> world <worldName>" to set the world of a channel. Use "/w set" for more help. :)

    The Local channel is, of course, broken into worlds, but currently there is no way to have separate Global channels for different worlds. The best solution is to have one public channel for each world and auto-draft players into all of these channels (see config.txt for details about auto-drafting).
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    Can you now ask to join a Channel with the new Version?
    Because I don't see that in the changelog :(
    My idea:
    - User needs help, so he types (for example: /support)
    - Admin receives a Notification "User xxx needs help!"
    - If the Admin accepts (for example: /join or /accept or something similar)
    - They will be pushed both into the Support-Channel
    - There they can talk without that anyone can see what they wrote, except other Admins.

    That would be amazing for my PvP Server. I already saw it on another server, but it was a private Plugin.
    Thank you in advance
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    Requesting to join a channel should come in the next version within the next few days. However, what you're describing goes a bit outside the realm of Whisper. Whisper is meant only as a chat manager, not a support system. I do think that your idea is good and would be very useful, but it's the job of another plugin, which could use Whisper. (In fact, I like your idea so much I might just make a plugin to manage support channels just like this.)
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    Great plugin but I was just wondering if there an option for Group Channels that can only be accessed by someone in the permission group for that channel.

    For example , If I had 4 groups Slytherin Hufflepuff Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Could I link a different channel to eacg of those permission groups?
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    I've been thinking of a good way to do this. For now, I have a system of "requirements" based only on permissions. Using the set command, it is possible to set the requirements of a channel so that only players that have certain permissions can join (invitations and requests ignore these requirements). Groups are not actually supported, but specific permissions are. For example, you could set the requirements for a channel so that only players that are able to draft (the "whisper.draft" permission) and get help (the "whisper.help" permission) could join. If the channel were called "myChannel" the command would look like this: "/w set myChannel requirements whisper.draft,whisper.help" (no space between the permissions, only a comma).

    If you can think of a better way to do this, I will definitely consider it. Groups or permission sets are, as far as I know, not possible to access within my plugin, but raw permissions require a lot of technical knowledge and are not the best solution either. Still, it is a way to restrict access to certain channels and if all else fails, you can just make a private channel and invite players with "/w invite".
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    Started using this today and found that this plugin overwrites the Essentials display format. What should be:
    [world]:SpecificColoredPlayername now is [G]:WhiteColoredPlayername. I thought it was a simple fix so I dug around in the jar found GlobalChannel.java to be my target at line 161 but suddenly got lost as to what to add there so it would display the new desired format [Channelname][world]:SpecificColoredPlayername.
    And another thing, I intend to use this plugin not only as party chat but also for a Support channel that replaces the tedious writting of /helpop each time you wish to speak to moderators only for help; is there any way when a player uses the accustomed /helpop they get sent into Support channel which only moderators can hear disabling the players Outs through Global?
    I tried making this as short but as insightful as possible, could I get any help regarding my states problems?
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    First, the name issue. I try to leave the coloring and whatnot of player names entirely to Essentials. All that my plugin does when it sends a message is "[channelName(colored)] playerName(with appropriate coloring, prefixes, etc.): message" (lines 172-177 of GlobalChannel.java). (I use the method Player.getDisplayName() to get the colored player name and I never set this name myself - it's all done in Essentials.) I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "WhiteColoredPlayername" or "SpecificColoredPlayername," but I would double check your settings and if you don't find anything, message me and we can try to get it worked out.

    It's not quite possible to simply use "/helpop" to join a Support channel. If you're a programmer, it's very simple to write a small plugin that would connect to Whisper and enable this functionality (I'm working on something like this myself, though it might not be out for a couple of weeks). Basically what it comes down to is joining a channel without giving the specific channel name, which is not possible. As a matter of fact, I may be able to support something like this is the next version, basically just allowing you to supply arguments in the commands.txt file so that they don't need to be given in the game. I like the idea a lot, but for now I would stick with "/w join support". You can configure it so that it could be as simple as "/helpop s" (look in commands.txt for info on how to do this). If you do change the first word in a command, using something other than "whisper," "whisp," or "w," you'll need to alter the plugin.yml (compressed into the .jar).

    Anyway, if this doesn't work or you have any problems with it, message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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    You should add the option to restrict the amount of time they can talk in a channel.

    This would be good so global chat isnt just flooded from people talking like:
    Notch: hey
    Notch: how are you
    Notch: where are you guys?

    So when they try talk like that, they get this message:
    You need to wait 10 seconds before sending a message in global chat.
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    Good idea, I'll try to put it into the next major version. Thanks!
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    So far great plugin. Learning something new everyday with your plugin, however I have not found how to mute people. After installing your plugin, the essentials mute option does not seem to work. Any way we can get a mute put in?
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    There's no mute yet, but expect to see it in one of the next few versions. It's good to know that Essentials mute does not work with Whisper, I'll keep that in mind.

    I've been holding back on mute for a while for two reasons. First I personally don't like muting players for any reason; I would rather kick players who are being a disturbance. Second, and more importantly, every player-specific feature like this that I add makes Whisper more heavyweight.
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    Wow Zirbinator thank you for the fast response. We use the mute because of the amount of spammers we have. We'd like to use STAB to mute, but your plugins overrides that too. However thank you again for your response, ill just have to wait for an update.

    Also whisper takes away the configuration options from essentials for chat prefix, group, suffix. I believe you've answered this questions already though.
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    How do I make private channels?
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    Two ways.

    First, make a normal (public) channel with "/w ch create channelName" and then set the type of the channel to "private" with "/w set channelName type private".

    Second, you can set the type to private when you make the with "/w ch create channelName private".

    Hope that helps.
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    The permission groups seem to be a little messed up. For whisper.admin it still doesn't allow me to remove channels. It says I don't have permission.
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    Hey, I use PermissionsEx and my Prefixes get overwritten by Whisper. I see, you said you'll have fixed it some versions before. When will it be fixed? Could you at least fix it for Pex?
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    Sorry, no. I prefer not to be affiliated with any server as a specific programmer.

    That's definitely a problem. On the surface I can't spot any problem in my plugin.yml file or code, but I'll look into it in depth as soon as I get a chance. Are there permissions problems with any commands besides removing a channel?

    I've never used or looked into PermissionsEx. If I get a chance I'll see how simple it is to support, but there should in theory be no issue. If PEX is reading prefixes and suffixes from some config file, what it should be doing is setting a players "display name". Thus, my "name" might be "zirbinator" but the "display name" would be "[Admin] zirbinator" or something similar. Whisper uses the display name and not the name, leaving it up to Essentials or theoretically PEX to set the display name for each player based on its config files. Problems only arise when other plugins don't set the display name and instead try to format chat messages themselves - that's the issue with EssentialsChat. Whisper overrides these chat formats and uses its own, which cannot possibly incorporate the format settings of the other plugins.

    Anyway, I'll see what I can do for PermissionsEx, but it's likely that I won't be able to do much. You might want to check that you're not setting the format for PEX's chat manager, but the actual prefixes and suffixes.

    One last note. If you're also using Essentials and have prefixes and suffixes set there, Whisper should be fine, regardless of PEX, unless PEX is for some reason overwriting the display names set by Essentials. If you can give me the specifics of your setup, it could be useful.

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    Yeah basically the whipser.admin doesn't give any of the permissions it says it does. I have to put each permission node into admins permissions instead of just doing the whisper.admin.
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    hi its me lpji :p ;..; <-- vampire.......
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    andrew chi

    This plugin is great!, however, one big flaw for me is that I will not be able to see chats in the console, so i stopped using this plugin, please fix this! Thanks
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    Console support will be coming in the next version, I promise! I'm close to a release, hopefully later today (maybe around 11 PM EST if I'm lucky).

    I'll see what I can do about this problem for v1.1. Thanks for letting me know!

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    I was wondering if there was an example for name color support. I use to use pex and it was pretty basic using its chatmanager. But now I'm trying this out I'm having a hell of a time being able to figure out how to get colors working.

    I clearly used this wrong I get what it means now its for channels not groups haha.... But maybe someone help me out modify this right for group colors?

    &f[%c&7] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&b] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&b] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&b] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&d] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&d] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&a] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&c] %n&f: %m
    &f[%c&4] %n&f: %m

    EDIT: Seems that this overrides pex prob not doing it right with their chatmanager like always damn. Your mod can't handle colors for nicks based on groups? Maybe add a new perm like whisper.group.groupname then use that to color in the config? Silly idea but damn why does pex always screw me over lol

    Edit 2: I don't mind removing chatmanager the only thing its used for is to give color group names in pex. If Whisper can actually do this on its own then sweet!
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    Faction SUPPORT!
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