Delete all diamond ores?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by iTzMag, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Plugin category: Mech

    Suggested name: DelBlock

    What I want: I request you, almighty coders to make a plugin
    that replaces diamond ore with stone, so people won't be
    able to gain diamonds by mining.
    Thanks in advance o:

    Ideas for commands:
    /DelBlock Help
    /DelBlock Enable
    /DelBlock Disable

    Ideas for permissions:
    - DelBlock.*

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible c:
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    To anyone who is thinking of coding this;

    1. Make a block populator
    2. Loop through all blocks in a chunk
    3. If it is diamondore, set it's type to stone :D
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    Simply do .... /replacenear 500000000 diamondore stone ... May cause massive amount of lag, for a couple of hours, may also crash your server! But do not close the console, and after a few hours. All ores will be deleted! :)
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    I've been looking for a way to do a soft reset (just items) and that sounds like the way to do it!
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    Nope, it will basicly crash my vps and will automaticly stop the server because of the cpu usage. Also people can travel to spots where the world didint generate yet, which means that they will be able to find diamonds.
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    Just use a plugin like Worldguard to prevent people from even breaking the diamonds in the first place.
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    That would also work, or even a simple plugin ... Like essentials to block what blocks people can place or even break.
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    Although this wouldn't delete diamond ore, you could listen to BlockBreakEvent, check if the block broken is diamond ore, and set the drops to cobblestone :p
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    Massive troll :D
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    Lol, yup.
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    You'd HAVE to make sure to have a message, too.
    Or you'll get people reporting bugs left, right and cobblestone! ;)
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    isn't there a way to disable diamond ore from spawning? ;-;
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    Yeah there is :3

    Above posters were seeing if there was a lazy easy way of doing it :3
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    Well for anyone who is still up for it:

    on chunk [(populate?)] event, iterate through the blocks and set diamond to something else
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    Or ChunkLoadEvent for previous worlds :p
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    But spawn is always loaded? Or would you just need to restart?
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    Edited post, the thread lacked information [​IMG]
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    @TheGreenGamer, I've been trying to implement this for MC 1.4.7 ( i know this is an old thread)
    , but Im not sure if I should call a method i made in a class of type block populator or another class definition. I get the feeling that simply adding a block populator to iterate through these blocks wont work (im finding that my populator replaces/populates first rather than adding onto the list of populators and exexuting it last). What should I do here?

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