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    Plugin category: Farming

    Minecraft version: 1.12-1.19.3

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I would basically like the plugin to auto replant potatoes In a worldguard region that I can fill out the info of in the DeepFarming plugin config file. The auto replanting would ONLY replant the potatoes once a player harvests the potatoes. It will not use anything from an inventory, it will just auto replant the harvested potatoes after the player harvests potatoes. It should auto replant within 3 seconds of each potato plant being harvested. The ranks with the WolfFarm.harvest permission should ONLY be allowed to harvest the potatoes and not break/place blocks. They should not be able to replant the potatoes either, the plugin will auto replant the potatoes for them and will grow to be ready to be harvested again.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /getfarm
    - /wfreload
    - /deepfarm help

    Ideas for permissions:
    - deepfarm.reload
    - deepfarm.harvest
    - deepfarm.getFarm

    When I'd like it by: March 31st 2023
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    It does not fit what i need.
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    I believe I can get this done for you, quicker then time frame set as well. I'll be starting tomorrow on this.
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    alright, thank you, roughly, do you know when you should have it done by?
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    Any updates yet by any chance?
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    Bumping this again... as i am still waiting for this to be made... been over 2 months since i posted this request
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    Still waiting - bumping this again
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    I believe that I should be able to make a plugin like this, however I have a few questions first.

    1. Should the plugin replant all potatoes regardless of who harvests them or does it only replant if WolfFarm.harvest player harvests them?
    2. Does WolfFarm.harvest permission restrict players to ONLY harvesting potatoes, meaning they cannot harvest wheat, pumpkins, etc.?
    3. What should the command "getfarm" do?
    4. Do you want permissions to be WolfFarm.harvest or DeepFarm.harvest since you listed both in your plugin request?
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    1. It should replant all potatos regardless of who harvests them (in the worldguard region that has to be specified via the config file for the plugin)
    2. The WolfFarm.harvest permission should basically allow the player to harvest any crop (potatoes, pumpkins and melons in the worldguard region that is specified via the config file)
    3. the command "getfarm" should give the server owner/operator an item to plant the potatoes, unless you can completely leave out the getfarm command so that all I have to do is plant the potatoes in the worldguard region specified in the plugin config and then let the player(s) harvest them once the potatoes are fully grown, then the potatoes are automatically replanted within a specified time via the plugin config file, default time should be to auto replant 3 seconds after harvest. (should do it by the block the potato is harvested on/at/from) so, it replants new potatos while the player(s) are continuing to harvest. It should replant a new potato crop and not be harvestable until fully grown.
    4. I would like it to be DeepFarm.harvest
    - the command /wfreload should be /dfreload

    let me know if you have anymore questions
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