DeepDosh (Ddosh)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Patty_Mayo, Dec 4, 2023.

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    Plugin category: Currency

    Minecraft version: 1.12-1.20.x

    Suggested name: DeepDosh

    What I want: A plugin that i can give players in game currency that is used for a /store command for ranks, etc. They can view their dDosh via /ddosh and also view others dDosh amount with /ddosh <player>.

    I want to be able to remove ddosh, add ddosh via specific amount or even random amount between a certain range, and host giveaways etc with holidays.

    Ideas for commands: /ddosh, /ddosh <player>, /ddosh admin give <player> <amount>, /ddosh admin giver <player> <range1> <range2>, /ddosh admin set holiday <amount> <holiday command name>, /ddosh admin remove <player> <amount>, /ddosh reload, /ddosh help, /ddosh admin giveaway <amount> <number of winners> <time frame>, /ddosh giveaway join, /ddosh top

    Ideas for permissions: ddosh.reload,, ddosh.balance, ddosh.balance.others,, ddosh.admin.give, ddosh.admin.give.random,, ddosh.admin.remove, ddosh.admin.giveaway, ddosh.giveaway.join, ddosh

    When I'd like it by: Late January into middle February
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    @Patty_Mayo Could you elaborate on the commands (e.g, /ddosh admin set holiday <amount>), as it's not clear what they're supposed to do?

    Also, how should the store use this currency to give out ranks?
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    the amounts for the e.g. /ddosh admin set holiday <amount> should allow me to set a specific amount of ddosh i wanna have given to the user that does /holiday, and they can claim it once a month

    and the store will be setup on my end (with a gui i create with a separate plugin i use already for making gui's)
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    You could easily accomplish this with a simple currency plugin and other simple plugins like CommandPanels. No need to have a custom plugin for this.
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    im aware of those, I would rather have it be its own custom plugin
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