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    Plugin category: Chat

    Minecraft version: 1.19.2 (needs to support 1.12 through 1.19.3)

    Suggested name: DeepChatChannels

    What I want: I want a plugin that players can use custom chat channels that can be created via a config file. I want there to be a global chat channel by default that can be viewed by everyone on the server no matter what world the user is in, a Local chat channel that users can use /l to switch to local chat to talk with players that are within 50 blocks of each other by default unless the server owner changes the channel radius in the channel's options via the configs.

    I would like the global chat channel and local chat channel to be in the config file by default after adding the plugin to the server. I also want it to support color codes and text formatting with permission nodes that I will have included below. I also want to be able to have a way to choose the permission node for each individual chat channel that gets added that aren't in the basic config file which I will describe what I mean by this in the permission node ideas below. I also want to be able to set the chat Prefix for each individual channel that will also have a specific Color that can be set via its options in the config file. I will have a list of options I want to be able to edit listed below as well.

    Ideas for Options to edit:
    - Definable Permission Node for each individual Channel
    - Customizable Chat Channel Prefix (that will be put before the user's PermissionsEx Rank Prefix in chat) with color code support
    - Definable Chat Channel Colors for chat
    - Definable Chat Channel Command
    - Command Alias'
    - Ability to set a radius for different Chat Channels (look at the next option in list for chat radius option)
    - Option to have the chat radius feature be enabled or disabled for each channel.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /dcc help - list all the commands + chat channels and their commands
    - /dcc reload - will reload config file(s) and any other plugin files that can be edited
    - /gl - Default Command for global chat (Alias can be /global)
    - /l - Default command for Local Chat (Alias can be /local)
    - if more chat channels get added to config file, it will have to add the default command that is defined in its config options can either be automatically added to the help command or have a separate file that the server owner can use to edit the plugins /help command. (I would add both options that the server owner can enable or disable automatic help command updates via the config file.

    Ideas for permissions:
    - the permission node option here defined in plugin config file for each chat channel)
    - dcc.admin - Reload Command and access to all chat channel commands
    - - ability to use color codes in chat
    - - see a list of commands they have access to from the plugin

    When I'd like it by: March 31st 2023
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    anyone available to do this?
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