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    hi, I am running a server with a role Play aspect to it. I need a plugin that will simulate the world 'decaying'....
    I struggle with words so I will try and describe an example

    on my server... Bedrock simulates dead patches of map. so I would like a plugin that would start from a single point and spread (like grass on dirt) to replace every block with bedrock.

    for the sake of prolonging the end of the map I think it would be best if it was possible to decide the number of chunks that can be infected(or make it possible to only infect an area for example a world guard region) so it would be (for example) 4 chunks surrounding the start block

    the goal on the server is to find a block (in this case obsidian) that can 'cure' the infected areas.... one obsidian will cure a chunk----I understand that this paragraph might be difficult so it's really optional if it's too difficult---- the obsidian must be placed on an infected block otherwise the decay should ignore it (you can't heal a rash on your hand by putting cream on your back)

    Ideas for commands:

    /decay start - start the decay if it has been given the stop command
    /decay here - start the decay on the block the player is standing on
    /decay stop - stop decaying
    /decay cure - cure the infected chunk without obsidian

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible because I am using world edit to do it just now. it's getting tedious
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    Ill see what I can do

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